Travel with your smartphone!

Buy, store and validate your Île-de-France tickets from your smartphone!

How do I get around easily with my smartphone?

Thanks to the Île-de-France Mobilités or the SNCF app, you can now buy Île-de-France transport tickets wherever and whenever you want, then choose to:

  • load these tickets on your Navigo card (personalized, Découverte and Easy), by affixing it to the back of your smartphone
  • and travel with your card as usual.


  • store these tickets securely on your smartphone or SIM card,
  • then travel by simply validating with your smartphone on the validators, even without an internet connection
  • and be controlled, by affixing the smartphone to the control device (no need for an internet connection either)

This service also allows you to view the balance of available tickets on your phone or on a Navigo card.

The contactless smartphone service in Île-de-France is a service developed by Île-de-France Mobilités.

Compatible smartphones

You can now top up your Navigo card with your iPhone.

Buying on smartphone in a nutshell

I wish

I validate with

Which phone is compatible?

Buy then store my ticket on my smartphone.

My smartphone

Samsung latest generation


Buy and charge my travelcard with a smartphone


My Personalized, Découverte or Easy Navigo travelcard


Android NFC v 6.0 or + / iPhone

To top up a Navigo pass with the IDFM or SNCF app, the majority of NFC Android phones from version Android 6.0 are compatible and all iPhones from iPhone 7 with at least version iOS 13 and iOS 14.5 for the iPhones XR, XS and XS Max.
To store the titles in your phone and validate with it, you must have one of the following SAMSUNG GALAXY models with at least Android 6.0: A5 2017, A8, A70, A71, A80, S7 / S7 Edge, S8 / S8 +, S9 / S9 +, S10 / S10 + / S10e, S20 / S20 Fan Edition / S20 Fan Edition 5G, S21 / S21 + / S21 Ultra, S22/S22+/S22 Ultra, Note 8, Note 9, Note 10/10 + / 10 Lite, Z Flip / Z -Flip 5G, Fold / Z-Fold, Note 20 Ultra, Note 20 5G.

An update of the application may be necessary.

What tickets are available on smartphones?

  • The t + Ticket individually at the normal price, or a ten-pack, at the normal or reduced price
  • Orlybus and Roissybus tickets
  • The Navigo Day, Navigo Youth Weekend passes with the choice of zones
  • The Navigo Week, Navigo Month passes for all zones if stored on the phone, and with the choice of zones if loaded on a Navigo travelcard

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Details of fares by Navigo travelcards

Tickets and fares

Buy and validate with smartphone

Buy and load your personalized Navigo card with a smartphone

Buy and load your Navigo Easy card with your smartphone

Navigo Month




Navigo Week




Navigo Day




Navigo Youth Weekend




T+ ticket












* All zones only. To be able to store a Navigo Month / Week (all zones) pass on your smartphone, you will need to create a Navigo Connect account.

Install the purchasing service in the app

  • You need a mobile network connection (3G / 4G) and internet access (3G / 4G or WIFI) throughout the process.
  • Install the IDFM or SNCF app on your phone's Play store, and activate NFC, then the app tells you about your phone's compatibility and guides you through installing the service. This step is necessary to configure your phone in order to store transport tickets securely.
  • You may know purchase and validate your tickets on your phone or load them on your Navigo card.

Our tip

On most Android phones, present the card on the back of the phone. On iPhones, present the card on the top of the phone.

The Navigo card and the telephone are two separate ticket carriers. The Navigo card passes and the passes in the mobile application are not synchronized and it is not currently possible to transfer the tickets or passes from a Navigo pass to the phone or vice versa.

You must choose to use either your Navigo card or your phone with the app.

When you consult a Navigo card with your phone, the vibration indicates that the card is detected by the phone but the reading / writing continues, so do not move the card and wait for visual confirmation from the application before removing your card (the writing step is necessary to reload a title).

Purchase conditions

Up to 29 T + Tickets (Full price or Reduced price) can be loaded onto the phone. Please note, the same telephone cannot simultaneously contain T + Full Price and Reduced Price tickets. It will be necessary to use all of your full-price t + Tickets before you can purchase reduced-price t + Tickets and vice versa.

Purchasing a Navigo Mois and Navigo Semaine pass to be loaded into the phone requires authentication on Navigo Connect by creating an account.

If you have a valid Navigo Annual or Imagine R pass on your Navigo card, no ticket or pass will be offered to you for purchase (to avoid a duplicate purchase).

The data is protected: the tickets are stored in a safe which is the secure element of the smartphone.

Solidarity Transport Pricing is not yet available for purchase over the phone. Likewise, it is not possible to update your card profile from the phone.

The telephone ticket purchase service is a new service developed by Île-de-Fance Mobilités which will continue to develop gradually over time. The addition of other tickets and prices is part of these changes.

Please note, the service does not allow several people to travel simultaneously. 1 phone = 1 traveler, like for a Navigo card.

All tickets must be systematically validated when accessing the network, including exiting, during connections: otherwise you will be considered without a ticket during a control.

To validate a ticket stored on your phone, you must have a valid title and activate NFC in your phone settings. The app does not need to be open or to have an internet connection.
To validate your ticket, you must present the back of your phone to the validator target.

If you have several tickets and passes (Navigo Day and t + ticket for example) loaded on your phone, the pass will be validated as a priority if it is in the valid period and zone.

When checking with a Navigo Month or Navigo Week pass, you may be asked to display your photo from the app and your date of birth (this information is saved in your Navigo Connect account).

Likewise, if you use a reduced rate, you will need to show the agent your proof of reduction.

You have stored your tickets or passes on your phone

The app offers several after-sales service sections accessible in the "Help and Contact" tab

You have loaded your ticket on a Navigo card using your phone

You must contact the usual points of sale for the after-sales service of a Navigo card (counters and agencies).