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Navigo Weekend Youth Pass

Is it the weekend or a holiday and you are under 26? Discover the Navigo Jeunes Weekend pass and get unlimited travel in Paris and the entire Île-de-France region from only €4.60 !

What is the Navigo Weekend Youth pass?

The perfect outing-shopping combo for under 26s.

  • It is exclusively reserved for those under 26 (26 not included).
  • The Youth Weekend Ticket is valid for a whole day from midnight to midnight the following day.
  • It is only used on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays at the price of € 4.60 only for zones 1 to 3.
  • You can travel unlimited within the selected zones, and with all modes of transport, except Orlyval and tourist buses.
  • Please note that it is neither exchangeable nor refundable.

Our tip

Make sure you have your ID on you, you may have to justify your age if you are checked.

How much is the Navigo Weekend Youth Pass?

Prices vary depending on the zones selected. It's up to you to see which zones best matches the program you have concocted for your weekend or holiday.

Prices valid from January 1st, 2023

Navigo Youth Weekend Rates for 1 day



All zones (1-5)


Zones 1 to 3


Zones 3 to 5


Did You Know?

Rap, rock, electro, jazz, pop ... Did you know that the Île-de-France region concentrates each year almost half of the total number of paid concerts in France?

Where to buy a Navigo Weekend Youth pass?

Select a point of sale and learn more about it.