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Metro line 7bis runs between Louis Blanc and Pré-Saint-Gervais. Find here the line map, timetables and fares.

Map of Metro Line 7bis

Schéma de la ligne de métro 7bis : description détaillée disponible ci-dessous. Copyright - RATP

Direction Louis Blanc to Pré-Saint-Gervais

  • Louis Blanc (connection : metro 7)
  • Jaurès (connections : metro 2, 5)
  • Bolivar
  • Buttes Chaumont
  • Botzaris
  • Place des Fêtes (connection: metro 11)
  • Pré-Saint-Gervais (connection : tramway T3b)

Pré-Saint-Gervais to Louis Blanc

  • Pré-Saint-Gervais (connection : tramway T3b)
  • Danube
  • Botzaris
  • Buttes Chaumont
  • Bolivar
  • Jaurès (connections: metro 2, 5)
  • Louis Blanc (connection: metro 7)

Schedule of Metro Line 7bis

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Planned works on the line

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What transport ticket do you need to take this metro?

If you take the metro only once:

  • a t + ticket (on your smartphone, on Navigo Easy pass or cardboard)

If you use public transport regularly or several times during your stay:

  • a Navigo Day, Navigo Week, Navigo Month or Navigo Annual pass valid in the areas of the journey.
  • a Paris Visite pass valid in the areas of the journey.
  • a Mobilis pass valid in the areas of the journey.
  • a Navigo Liberté + contract to pay only for your journeys (for Ile-de-France residents only).
  • an imagine R pass (-26 years old only)
  • a Navigo Youth Weekend pass
  • solidarity tickets and passes

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