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Traveling by Transilien with your bike

Do you need your bike? You can leave it in the adapted parking lots at the station. Do you want to take it on board? Then take the time to read the conditions of use before boarding Transilien trains and RERs.

You want to park your bike?

To facilitate train + bike mobility, you can use self-service bike racks or secure closed parking with the Parkings Vélos service. In addition, you will find below some tips for the safety of your bike.

Our tips for securing your bike

  • Always secure your bike, even in closed spaces and for short periods of time. Use the bicycle parking lots for more security.
  • Choose a solid U-shaped lock (more resistant). The cables are easier to cut.
  • Attach the frame of your bike to a solid fixed point, with the lock facing down. If possible, also secure both wheels, using two locks or a frame lock.
  • And of course, have your bike marked! Marking (BICYCODE®,, etc.) consists of engraving a unique number on your bike that will facilitate its return in case of loss or theft.

What are the conditions for traveling by train with your bike?

If you want to park your bike at the station, park it in a suitable parking lot. If you need to take it on board, whether it is a bicycle or another mobility device*, find below the rules of use and some practical information to make your journey easier.

What you need to know

  • Travel with your bike outside of rush hour
  • Use the bicycle racks when they exist (lines H, K, J, L and certain trains on lines N, P, R and RER D, E) 
  • In all cases, do not obstruct traffic

Mobility devices are vehicles with two or more wheels such as bicycles, skates, gyropods, electric scooters, etc. Those equipped with an electric motor that cannot, by construction and by the power of their motor alone, exceed the speed of 25 km/h are called "motorized personal mobility devices".

Caution! The presence of vehicles with combustion engines is strictly forbidden on board trains.

When to travel with your bike and other mobility devices?

You can travel by train with your bicycle only in off-peak periods:

  • Monday to Friday, before 6:30 am, between 9:30 am and 4:30 pm and after 7:30 pm,
  • Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, with no time restrictions

In all cases, your bicycle will only be accepted on board within the limits of the trains' capacity and if it is placed in a location that does not impede traffic.

Outside of these times, and therefore during rush hour, it is forbidden to travel with your bicycle for the safety and comfort of other passengers.

Where to store your bike and other mobility devices on board trains?

Please note that folding bicycles or other mobility devices are accepted on all trains if they are folded and if there are no components or accessories that could injure someone or damage other luggage.
For non-folding bicycles, depending on the line, there are dedicated spaces for bicycles and other mobility devices. This is the case for the H, K, J and L lines, which have bicycle parking spaces on each train, and for certain trains on the N, P, R, RER D and RER E lines. These places are not all located in the same place depending on the trains and lines. Check the blog of the line you are using. 
For other lines, you can use the free spaces on the platforms, except for seats.
Out of respect for people with reduced mobility, do not use the spaces provided for them to install your bike.

Please note: in case of heavy traffic and regardless of the time and day, you will not be able to access the train with your bike... Take your precautions!

How do I travel with my bike and other mobility devices?

Your bicycle or mobility device must never interfere with the closing of the train doors or the boarding and alighting of passengers. Passenger safety is at stake. If your bicycle obstructs the movement of passengers, even outside rush hour, you are liable to a fine of €150 for obstructing traffic.

For safety reasons, your bicycle or mobility device must be hand-held on the train, on the platforms and in the stations. If you use your bike or mobility device on the platforms, you will be fined 150 €.
You cannot use the escalators with your bike for safety reasons.