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Our Safety Tips

Adopting good conduct is ensuring your safety and tranquility. Discover the good behaviors to have in the station as on the trains.

Good reflexes in the station and on the platforms

For your safety, adopt the right behavior at the station and on the platforms!

  • Take the walkways and underground passages. Crossing the tracks is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not run. Please be a little early, a fall happens so quickly!
  • Do not smoke on the platforms or in the station, out of respect for the law and others. If you do not comply with the law, you will be fined € 68.

Do not forget!

The platforms are designed for pedestrians. By riding a bicycle, a scooter or rollerblades, you and other travelers are in danger.

Travel serenely

Do the right thing:

  • Do not tempt pickpockets. Be attentive to your personal items (phones, wallet, jewelry ...).
  • Notify SNCF staff of objects or baggage that seem abandoned to you.
  • Don't leave your luggage abandoned. It would cost you a € 150 fine.

Note that, if, within the framework of the VIGIPIRATE plan, the police services were to intervene, your responsibility would be engaged.

SNCF keeps an eye on your safety

To better protect you, since the end of 2018, 9,000 video-protection systems film 100% of SNCF Transilien stations.

Adopt a civil behavior

Want an easier trip? To travel in the best conditions, you must respect a few rules.

  • Let the travelers get off before getting on. You will save time.
  • Leave room for the elderly, pregnant women and the disabled.
  • Do not obstruct the closing of the doors. You delay your train, but also the following ones.
  • Make good use of the alarm signal.

Note that the alarm signal is used to warn the driver of an incident (sick traveler, etc.) that may require an unexpected stop. Using it improperly penalizes passengers on the train but also those on the following trains. Improper use will be fined € 150.

In case of danger, an emergency number: 3117

You are the victim or witness of a danger on a train. Dial the emergency number 3117.

Find out more about 3117