Do you travel by public transport in the Paris region? Are you looking for a card that is flexible and adapts to your mobility? Bet on the personalized Navigo travel card which allows you to load the passes of your choice in complete freedom!

What is the personalized Navigo travel card?

  • The personalized Navigo travel card is a transport card on which you can load your Navigo Month, Navigo Week, Navigo Day, Solidarité or Améthyste passes.
  • It allows you to move around freely within the zones you have chosen.
  • It is reserved for people residing or working in Île-de-France.
  • The personalized Navigo travel card also allows you to subscribe to the Navigo Liberté + contract.

Our tip

Do you travel almost every day? Do you want to save money and not wait at the counter? Opt for a yearly subscription!

For the Annual Navigo Pass, it's here!

If you live and work outside Île-de-France and want to travel freely there regularly, opt for the Navigo Découverte travel card: you can load a Navigo Month, Navigo Week or Navigo Day pass.

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How much does the Personalized Navigo Travelcard cost?

The Personalized Navigo Travelcard is issued free of charge the first time with any subscription to the chosen pass.

It is replaced in the event of loss or theft for the sum of € 8.

Where can I get my personalized Navigo Travelcard?

You can order your Navigo card online, and if you want to get it immediately, simply go to a branch!