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  • The Navigo imagine R and Navigo annuel Senior passes are only available in all zones (zones 1 to 5). It is therefore not possible to change zones.

    Navigo Month and Week :
    It is possible to change from one Navigo Month or Week pass to another, provided that the fare after the change is greater than or equal to the fare of the initial pass. If the fare of the package after the change is strictly higher, the customer pays the difference in price between the two packages. The change can be made at all ticket offices and at the carriers' automatic sales machines.
    It is not possible to change to a Navigo Month or Navigo Week pass if the price is lower than the one loaded on the pass or on a telephone. (see CGVU).

    Navigo Annual (excluding Senior fares): 
    Changing from one Navigo Annuel pass to another is possible between the 4 existing passes ("all zones", 2-3, 3-4, 4-5), throughout the validity of the pass upon request by the Payer, who can provide a proxy and a copy of his/her ID. In the case of a Navigo Annual travel pass financed by a Third Party Payer, the Cardholder must present proof of the agreement of the Third Party Payer.
    The modification of the pass can only be made by the Payer: 

    • by Internet from his/her personal space on the "jegeremacartenavigo" website, by mail, e-mail or telephone (except for a package financed by a Third Party Payer). It will only take effect once the Cardholder has updated his/her Navigo Annual pass at a point of sale or at an RATP or Transilien SNCF automatic ticket machine, and this no earlier than 48 hours after the request has been taken into account,
    • at the transport companies' sales offices, at certain RATP counters or at SNCF Navigo Service Desks(1).

    The change to the travel pass may be immediate or deferred (1st day of one of the two months following the change) and takes effect after the Cardholder updates the Navigo Annual travel pass at a point of sale or at an RATP or Transilien SNCF ticket machine. The Passholder can check that this modification has been taken into account by consulting the contents of his/her pass at an automatic ticket machine or by connecting to his/her personal space on the "navigoconnect" website.
    Changing a two-zone pass into an "all-zone" pass, a 4-5 pass into a 3-4 or 2-3 pass, or a 3-4 pass into a 2-3 pass will result in an increase in the cost of the pass. The calculation of the amounts due is made according to the effective date of the modification, related to the 1st of the month concerned.

    • Payment by direct debit: the new direct debit schedule is applied from the month of the change of zones for the entire month. 
    • Cash payment: the Payer is charged according to the same calculation method as for payment by direct debit.

    Changing from an all-zone plan to a two-zone plan, or from a 2-3 plan to a 3-4 or 4-5 plan, or from a 3-4 plan to a 4-5 plan will result in a reduction in the cost of the plan. The calculation of the amounts due is based on the effective date of the change, related to the 1st of the following month.

    • Payment by direct debit: The new direct debit schedule is applied starting the month following the change of zones.
    • Cash payment: the Payer's account is credited according to the same calculation method used for payment by direct debit.

    If the cash payment was made by check, a check letter is automatically triggered to reimburse the Payer for the remaining overpayment.
    If the cash payment was made by credit card:

    1. on the Online Services: a refund is automatically triggered on the Payer's bank card to reimburse him/her for the remaining overpayment, if he/she has previously made a payment in the previous 11 months for an amount equal to or greater than the amount of the refund,
    2. in the commercial agencies of the transporters, certain RATP counters or SNCF Navigo Service Counters(1) : the refund of the overpayment will be made by cheque letter or on the Payer's bank card, if a payment has been made on the Online Services in the previous 11 months, for an amount greater than or equal to the refund amount.
  • To request a refund for a Navigo pass purchased online following the purchase of your station pass, you must fill out the following form:

    You must include the following documents with your request

    • proof of purchase of the last Navigo Month top-up (the one made at the station)
    • the summary of your order on the Internet
    • your bank statement (showing the two direct debits)
    • your bank details (with BIC and IBAN)
  • To work, the pass purchased online must be activated from an SNCF Transilien ticket machine (or at an SNCF Transilien ticket office).
    You cannot activate your pass on RATP ticket machines or at RATP ticket offices.

    If it still doesn't work, please fill in the contact form and indicate in your message your pass number:


  • To activate your pass purchased online, simply present your Navigo pass at an SNCF Transilien ticket machine, and the update will be done automatically.

    To find out which stations have these machines, you can use the module in the "Activation" tab on the following page.

  • The Navigo Jour pass can be loaded onto a pass : 

    • at a point of sale or at an RATP or SNCF Transilien automatic ticket machine 
    • at approved retailers
    • using your Android NFC phone, by downloading the Île-de-France Mobilités, RATP Transdev or SNCF mobile application. For more information, you can consult the compatible media in the FAQ "Which cards can be reloaded with an NFC phone?"

    GOOD TO KNOW: The Navigo Jour pass can also be purchased and stored on your NFC Android phone, using the Île-de-France Mobilités, RATP Transdev or SNCF mobile app. You can also buy your pass with your smartphone and load it onto your pass by affixing it to the back of your phone. For more information, see the question "What is the telephone ticket purchase service and how do I get it?"

    Travel with your smartphone

  • The Navigo Jour pass is available on the following media

    • Île-de-France Mobilités application
    • SNCF application
    • Personalized Navigo pass
    • Navigo Discovery Pass
    • Easy Navigo pass
  • The Navigo Jour pass allows unlimited travel in the Ile-de-France region within the chosen fare zones, on all modes of transport except Orlyval. It is valid from the day it is activated until midnight.

    Navigo Day

  • The Transport Solidarity Discount allows the purchase of Navigo Solidarity, Monthly or Weekly passes, sold at up to 75% off the corresponding Navigo pass fare, depending on your case.
    It allows the purchase of Ticket t+ tickets in booklets and Origin-Destination tickets individually or in booklets with a 50% discount.
    The Forfait Navigo Solidarité, Monthly or Weekly, is issued exclusively on a personalized Navigo pass and has the same characteristics as the corresponding Navigo pass.
    The t+ tickets in booklet form and the half-price Origin-Destination tickets are on magnetic media.
    The Navigo pass, which carries the right to a Solidarity Reduction, must be presented to justify its use in the event of an inspection.
    On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, as well as from mid-July to mid-August, your Navigo Solidarité Mois pass can be used throughout the region, regardless of the zones subscribed to.
    In case of loss, theft or damage, your Navigo pass can be replaced under certain conditions.

    Transport solidarity