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Solidarity Transport reduction

Are you actively looking for a job? The Solidarity Transport Discount offers you up to 75% reduction on the price of Navigo monthly or weekly packages and -50% on the purchase of your t + or Origin-Destination Tickets!

What is the Solidarité Transport reduction?

Discounts to boost your job search.

  • The Solidarity Transport Discount allows the purchase of Navigo Solidarity, Month or Week passes, sold with up to 75% reduction on the price of the corresponding Navigo passes.
  • It allows the purchase of Ticket t + tickets in booklet and Origin-Destination tickets individually or in booklet with a 50% reduction.
  • The Navigo Solidarity Pass, Month or Week, is issued exclusively on a personalized Navigo pass and has the same characteristics as the corresponding Navigo pass.
  • The t + Tickets in booklet and the Origin-Destination tickets at half-price are on magnetic media.
  • The Navigo pass, responsible for the right to Solidarity Reduction must, in the event of an inspection, be able to be presented to justify its use.
  • On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, as well as from mid-July to mid-August, your Navigo Solidarité Mois pass can be used throughout the region, regardless of the zones subscribed to.
  • In the event of loss, theft or damage, your Navigo pass can be replaced under certain conditions.

Zoom on zones

To choose the zones for your pass, all you have to do is take into account the zones of your point of departure and of your point of arrival.

If, for example, you are looking for a pass to go from Aulnay-Sous-Bois (zone 4) to Évry (zone 5), buy an "all zones" pass because you have to go through Paris.

How much does the Navigo Pass cost with the Solidarity Transport Discount?

The prices of Navigo packages with the 50% and 75% Solidarity Discount depend on their duration and the areas selected. Consult the table below to find out which rate interests you.

Price of Navigo Solidarity Month and Week passes 75%


Navigo Solidarity Month 75%

Navigo Solidarity Week 75%

All zones (1-5)



2 to 3



3 to 4



4 to 5



Price of Navigo Solidarity Month and Week passes 50%


Navigo Solidarity Month 50%

Navigo Solidarity Week 50%

All zones (1-5)



2 to 3



3 to 4



4 to 5



Where can I get a Navigo Package with the Solidarity Transport Discount?

  • Contact the Agence Solidarité Transport on +33800 948 999, Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., with your CMU-C certificate issued by the health insurance schemes, and your latest Pôle Emploi situation statement.
  • The Solidarité Transport site allows you to simplify your procedures.