Accès Plus and Andilien

General terms and conditions of use for the free Accès Plus Transilien assistance service and the Andilien application as of 3 January 2022.


For the purposes of this document, the following terms are defined as follows, and may be used in both the singular and plural:

  • "Accès Plus Transilien": corresponds to the assistance, information and reception service for persons with reduced mobility or persons with disabilities offered by SNCF Voyageurs Activité Transilien (hereinafter SNCF Voyageurs or Transilien SNCF). It is available on the entire Île-de-France Transilien network. 
  • "Eligible person": a person holding a disability card (or mobility card Inclusion Invalidity) with a disability rate recognized by the MDPH of at least 80%, or a person using their own wheelchair in the station.
  • "Person with reduced mobility": any person whose mobility is reduced when using
  •  means of transport, due to any physical disability (sensory or motor, permanent or temporary) or any intellectual disability or impairment, or any other cause of disability, or the
  • "Service recipient" means a person who, while using a means of transportation, is physically handicapped (sensory or motor, permanent or temporary) or intellectually handicapped or impaired, or by any other cause of disability, or by reason of age, and whose situation requires appropriate attention and adaptation to his or her particular needs of the service made available to all passengers.
  • "Beneficiary of the service": any person calling for or receiving an Accès Plus Transilien assistance service (with or without a reservation). 
  • "Application": corresponds to the "SNCF Andilien" mobile application developed by SNCF Voyageurs and funded by Île-de-France Mobilité;
  • "Accessible station": means a station that allows people with reduced mobility to access the station and the train with or without assistance (information available on the website or at the station).
  • "Customer Service": corresponds to the information and reservation center for people eligible for the service; it can be reached by e-mail, online form and telephone.
  • "User": any person who occasionally or regularly uses the features of the Application and, regardless of how he or she connects, creates an Account;


The Accès Plus Transilien service is a free service that provides travel assistance between at least two (2) stations in the Île-de-France region. It is offered by SNCF Voyageurs (Transilien activity), a public limited company registered in the Bobigny Trade and Companies Register under number 519 037 584, with its head office at 9 rue Jean Philippe Rameau in Saint Denis (93200). 
By using the Accès Plus Transilien service and/or the SNCF Andilien application, the Beneficiary of the assistance service accepts these General Conditions of Use (GCU) and undertakes to respect them. 
The guaranteed assistance service is exclusively reserved for eligible Persons who have registered for the Accès Plus Transilien service and who have booked an assistance service for a journey. In this context, when registering for the assistance service, the teleconsultant will send the general terms and conditions of use (CGU) of the service by email or post so that the eligible person can read them before using the service. 
Acceptance of a travel proposal following an initial reservation or use of the SNCF Andilien Application is equivalent to acceptance of these GCU. 
The GCU of the Accès Plus Transilien service can be consulted online on the website (under the heading "Getting around" and "Accessibility").
These General Terms and Conditions of Use may change (in particular as a result of any government directives, as was the case during the COVID 19 health crisis). 
In this case, the new Accès Plus Transilien terms and conditions of use will be communicated via the Transilien website and through exchanges with Accès Plus Transilien telephone advisors.

Article 1 - Scope of the Accès Plus Transilien assistance service (with and without reservations).

1.    The assistance service with reservation 

1.1.    Eligible persons

The assistance service with reservation as described in Article 2 is guaranteed, is exclusively open to people with disabilities (motor/cognitive or mental/auditory/visual/disabling diseases) who are only :

holders of a disability card (or mobility card Inclusion Disability) whose disability rate recognized by the MDPH is at least 80%,
or to disabled people who come to the station with their own wheelchair
Minors must be accompanied by an adult (18 years or older). To make the trip, the eligible person must have an appropriate and valid ticket.

If a ramp is required to board and/or alight the train and the Eligible Person does not wish to request assistance from SNCF staff or authorized subcontractors, SNCF Transilien declines all responsibility in the event of a damaging event or accident.
1.2.    Journeys eligible for the guaranteed assistance service
Any journey booked with the Accès Plus Transilien service is guaranteed:

  • Between at least 2 stations open to the Navigo pass, i.e. located in the Île-de-France region.
  • On the entire range of existing rail services; the journey times are between the first and last train on the requested itinerary.  

2.    The Accès Plus Transilien service without reservation  

The Accès Plus Transilien service offered at stations without a reservation is never guaranteed and is subject to the following conditions:

2.1.    Eligible persons who do not wish to make a reservation with the Accès Plus Transilien service may go to the station on their own initiative to travel by train between accessible stations in the Île-de-France region (list attached).
Assistance is only available during the hours when the assistance service is available (information can be consulted online at, under the heading "Getting around" and "Lines and stations", "Search for a Transilien station"), by contacting the staff at the stations or by calling the Accès Plus Transilien service.) 
2.2 In other stations (those that are not accessible), and for persons with reduced mobility who are not eligible for the reservation service (as set out in article 1.1), SNCF Transilien staff, or those of authorised subcontractors, will do everything possible to satisfy the needs of the customer with reduced mobility wishing to travel, in compliance with safety rules and according to existing technical possibilities. 

3.    The conditions for the provision of the assistance service

Exclusion: Whether or not the service is provided as part of a reservation, neither medical care, nor assistance with hygiene, nor paramedical procedures may be provided by SNCF staff or service providers. 
No carrying of any person whatsoever is provided. The transport of a person in a wheelchair from their wheelchair to their seat is not part of the assistance service. 
The agent is not allowed to handle the electric wheelchair except in an emergency situation involving the safety of the person.  Personal needs such as the purchase of food, drink, accompaniment to shops, transporters' points of sale, presentation of the transport ticket or documents necessary during the journey and services in the station (toilets, etc.) are not possible within the framework of the service.
Luggage and animals

  • Animal: only the assistance dog accompanying the disabled person is allowed   
  • Luggage: One (1) piece of luggage up to a maximum of 15 kilos is allowed on all the stages (except for stages on the RATP network where the luggage is at the customer's expense). The luggage of the accompanying persons is under their own responsibility.

If these conditions are not respected, the assistance service cannot be delivered.

4.     Accès Plus Transilien Customer Service
The Customer Service is available to Beneficiaries of the service to obtain information on the assistance service, and to Eligible Persons to register for the service, book, modify or cancel the trip, and obtain information on the Andilien application (see article 8).

The Customer Service is open 7 days a week from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and can be reached

At night (from 8pm to the last train, then from the first train to 7am), the Accès Plus Transilien Customer Service remains available on 0970 82 41 42 to assist eligible disabled people travelling, only if the journey is disrupted. The service does not take reservations during these hours.
People who are deaf or hard of hearing, deaf-blind people and people with aphasia
can talk to our Accès Plus Transilien teleconsultants via a translator. You can find more information on the website
Communication is done by camera in French Sign Language (LSF) or in Complete French Spoken Language (LfPC) or in Real Time Speech Transcription (TTRP).
This service is available from 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, and on Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m
Outside of the service hours listed above, the service is available 24/7 in text transcription.

Article 2 - Detailed description of the Accès Plus Transilien assistance service with reservation.

The purpose of the assistance service with reservation is to help Eligible Persons as referred to in Article 1 hereof to travel between at least two (2) stations in the Île-de-France region, regardless of the level of accessibility of the station in relation to their specific needs and regardless of the hazards encountered during the trip, in accordance with the terms and conditions below.

The assistance service includes

  • Advice from the Accès Plus Transilien service teams, including a study of the customer's journey and assistance booking; 
  • Reception and assistance at the station of origin and at the station of arrival by an SNCF Transilien agent (and in intermediate stations if necessary), or by authorized subcontractors.
  • Management of problems (equipment breakdowns: elevator breakdowns for example, train problems, etc.) by telephone advisors or by station agents.
  • Accompaniment to buy a ticket if necessary,
  • Accompaniment to the platform and assistance in boarding the train, which is generally done at the head of the train in a seat close to a door, for safety and technical reasons.
  • Assistance to get off the train and accompaniment to the exit of the station, to the meeting point fixed in case of reservation, or to a connection point in the station.
  • The Eligible Person must present him/herself at the reception desk (or other meeting point set by the Accès Plus Transilien Customer Service) where he/she will be taken care of by an agent, as specified in Article 4 herein.

The Eligible Person may use the Andilien application upon arrival at the station to contact an agent (see Article 8 - Availability of the Andilien application).

It is imperative to arrive at the appointment time set by the teleconsultant at the time of reservation. After the appointment time, the assistance service is no longer guaranteed for a departure at the desired time, unless the delay is due to the rail or road carriers that must provide the reserved trip.

2.    Conditions of the travel guarantee
The travel guarantee applies to all eligible Persons only if they have booked their trip between stations in the Île-de-France region, regardless of the level of accessibility of these stations (see booking procedures - article 4), no later than 1:00 p.m. on the day before the trip with the Accès Plus Transilien Customer Service Department.

The travel guarantee ensures that the Eligible Person will be able to travel regardless of the circumstances on the day of travel (except in the event of force majeure). In the event of unforeseen circumstances, station agents, Accès Plus Transilien Customer Service or authorized subcontractors will do everything in their power to offer an alternative means of travel (see article 6);

Article 3 - How to register for the Accès Plus Transilien assistance service

For guaranteed assistance and access to the Andilien application, reservations must be made by registering for the service with the Accès Plus Transilien Customer Service. 
A disability card equal to or greater than 80% or a mobility and inclusion card with a mention of disability may be requested at the time of pick-up at the departure station.
When requesting registration with the Accès Plus Transilien Customer Service, the following information is required to organize the entire trip and to contact the eligible Person (or his/her representative) if necessary:

  • Last name and first name(s) ;
  • Postal address ;
  • Telephone number;
  • Email address (the same email address cannot be used by more than one person);
  • Type of ticket used;
  • Disability card number. To confirm their registration, Eligible Persons must send a copy of their disability card no later than 15 days following the first reservation. After this period, no new reservation will be accepted.
  • The Eligible Person's specific needs; the type of wheelchair used and its dimensions (see limitations in Article 7), the Eligible Person's ability to transfer to a vehicle seat on his/her own, or any other technical aid to be considered for the trip.

If the email request does not include the required information, the telecommunicator will contact the Eligible Person (or their representative) by email or telephone to obtain the missing items.
If the information provided is insufficient to deliver the service, the Accès Plus Transilien Customer Service may refuse the registration and reservation requested.

Cancellation of registration for the assistance service:
The Eligible Person may terminate his/her registration with the Accès Plus Transilien Customer Service at any time and without cause by expressly requesting it:

  • By mail to the following address

Transilien SNCF Customer Relations
CS 61139

Termination by the Eligible Person is effective within 24 hours from the date of receipt of the request.
Termination may be initiated by SNCF Voyageurs in the event of a breach of the present general terms and conditions of use, by e-mail and by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. The termination is effective within a 72-hour notice period from the date of sending the termination.

Article 4 - Booking the trip

1.    Conditions for booking a trip 
The Accès Plus Transilien guaranteed assistance service is available upon reservation no later than 1:00 p.m. the day before the trip through the Accès Plus Transilien Customer Service Department. Reservations can be made up to 15 days before the day of travel.
No reservations for same-day travel can be made.

If the Eligible Person wishes to use the service on a daily basis, he/she may make a weekly reservation.
The following items must be included with the reservation:

  • Last name and first name(s) of the Eligible Person;
  • Departure and arrival stations;
  • Date on which the Eligible Person wishes to travel and the corresponding time of day;
  • Return trip to be made on the same day or later;
  • Number of accompanying persons and their identities;
  • Presence of a child (need for a specific seat);
  • Presence of a service animal;
  • Presence of a luggage (15 kg maximum and in compliance with the conditions set out in Article 2).

2.    Reservation procedure
The Eligible Person may make a reservation with the Accès Plus Transilien Service: 

By telephone: 0970 82 41 42 (Price of a non-surcharged call regardless of the operator)
By form available on :
By e-mail:
The telephone advisor will suggest a trip that is as close as possible to the request. The Eligible Person is free to accept or refuse the proposal made by the teleconsultant.
If the reservation is made up to 3 days before the day of travel, the teleconsultant sends the travel proposal by e-mail in the form of a "travel summary" within 2 hours of the reservation.

If the reservation is made at least 4 days before the day of travel, the teleconsultant will send the travel proposal by e-mail in the form of a "travel summary" within 24 hours of the reservation. 
The "travel summary" contains all the information related to the trip as well as a reservation number.
In the absence of an email, the Eligible Person will receive the trip details by phone within the same time frame as above.
The Eligible Person must remain reachable within one hour of their reservation call so that the Accès Plus Transilien service can confirm their assistance reservation.
If he/she remains unreachable, the reservation cannot be confirmed.
A reminder of the assistance will be sent by e-mail the day before the trip at 5:00 pm.
In case of alternative road transportation as provided for in article 6 below:
If the Eligible Person accepts the proposal, the teleconsultant will confirm in the "trip summary" the meeting time and place:

  • Precise meeting point in front of the SNCF station for the appointment with the substitute road transport (station square, street name, etc. depending on the complexity of the station).
  • Specific meeting point with an SNCF or RATP agent who will pick up the passenger at the proposed station.
  • The meeting points are set by the Accès Plus Transilien Service. Under no circumstances may the Eligible Person or his/her representative change the meeting point.
  • Travel times are estimated at the time of reservation for the entire trip, and include the pick-up times required at each stage of the trip.

3. Punctuality
In the event of a delay, the Eligible Person must call the Accès Plus Transilien Customer Service as soon as possible and at the latest before the time of the appointment set at the time of reservation so that his/her journey can be reorganized and if possible maintained. If the Eligible Person does not give notice, the trip is considered to be cancelled by him/her. 
Consequently, the cancellation conditions apply according to the terms of Article 5. In the event of delay due to the Eligible Person, assistance is no longer guaranteed.
In the same way, the Eligible Person is notified by the Accès Plus Transilien Service as soon as possible of any eventuality due to SNCF or the delay of the substitute road carrier. The teleconsultant analyses the consequences of the incident in order to take the necessary measures to ensure the smooth running of the journey, in consultation with the Eligible Person. 
On the day of the trip, the Eligible Person goes to the time and place indicated by the Accès Plus Transilien Service. 
Once the reservation has been made, the departure point cannot be changed without the agreement of the Accès Plus Transilien Service.

Article 5 - Conditions for changes and cancellations of reservations

The Eligible Person may modify or cancel his/her reservation with the Accès Plus Transilien Customer Service, up to 2:30 a.m. before departure. 
As such, changes taken into account by the Customer Service are guaranteed as for a new reservation (see above).
Three (3) cancellations by the passenger within a period of one (1) month, outside the time limit or without notifying the Accès Plus Transilien Customer Service, may lead to the termination of the service in accordance with article 3.
Any change to the initial reservation (departure and/or arrival stations, day, time, etc.) without prior approval from the Accès Plus Transilien Customer Service Department shall cancel the travel guarantee for the reserved trip.
For a weekly reservation, the Person may cancel one or more trips in advance, provided that he/she calls the Accès Plus Transilien Customer Service before 1:00 p.m. the day before the trip at the latest.

Article 6 - Alternative Transportation

Alternative transportation can be offered to compensate for the non-accessibility of an Île-de-France SNCF station (temporary or permanent).
1.    Conditions for providing substitute transportation
Substitution transportation is provided in the following cases:

  • If assistance cannot be provided because the station is not accessible to the Eligible Person, substitute transportation can be arranged to allow the Eligible Person to make their trip under the conditions of reservation (see article 4). To do this, the Accès Plus Transilien Customer Service teleconsultant will study and propose possible solutions in the following order of priority
  1. Journey via an accessible station
  2. Travel via a regular bus or tramway line near the station
  3. Journey via an alternative road transport
  • In the event of problems during the reserved trip, the Eligible Person may call the Accès Plus Transilien Customer Service to organize the rest of his/her trip. If these problems are caused by SNCF Transilien, the substitute road carrier or the Accès Plus Transilien Customer Service, the Eligible Person may be offered substitute road transportation for the rest of his/her trip.

The substitute road service connects stations that are not accessible to SNCF (where the Navigo pass is accepted) to accessible points on the public transport network (bus, tramway or metro) in Île-de-France, excluding journeys made entirely within Paris. 
The substitute road service cannot pick up or drop off the Eligible Person at an address other than a station or a stop on the public transportation network.
2.    Conditions of travel. 
The Accès Plus Transilien Customer Service organizes the service in agreement with the substitute road carrier.
The substitute road carrier will provide a suitable vehicle based on the information provided by the Eligible Person at the time of reservation.
The destination provided at the time of reservation cannot be changed during the trip, except in the event of a traffic or health incident for passengers during the trip. Only the Accès Plus Transilien Customer Service can modify a schedule or a trip. Likewise, the Eligible Person may not book or cancel trips directly with the driver of the substitute road transport.
In the event of substitute road transportation, the Eligible Person may be accompanied by up to two (2) companions (adults or minors). Any minor must be accompanied by an adult.

Article 7 - Respect for safety rules, behaviour on board rail and road vehicles and behaviour towards Customer Service and station staff

Any person whatsoever, Beneficiaries of the service or accompanying persons must observe the rules of operation and use of rail transportation and, in particular, avoid any behavior that could disrupt the smooth running of trains.
For substitute road transportation, Eligible Persons must comply with the carrier's rules of operation and use. 
Similarly, health and safety rules, particularly in the event of a health crisis, must be observed by any person using the service.
Failure to comply with these safety rules may result in the refusal to carry out the transport.
Only regulated medical devices are allowed on board.

The maximum authorized dimensions of a wheelchair are :

  • 70 cm wide, 
  • 120 cm deep, 
  • 137 cm high (including the passenger). 

The total weight of the wheelchair, its occupant and luggage must not exceed 300kg.
The Eligible Person is responsible for the proper functioning of his or her wheelchair, in particular he or she must ensure that the battery of his or her electric wheelchair is sufficiently charged to travel.
Regardless of the vehicle in which the Eligible Person travels, the wheels of the wheelchair must be locked and secured in accordance with applicable legislation.
If the Eligible Person suffers from respiratory insufficiency, portable medical gas containers are permitted in the quantities necessary for travel.
The capacity of rail or road vehicles is limited to 2 wheelchair spaces per trip.
People with reduced mobility or people with any kind of disability, as well as their companions, are required to respect the staff at stations and on trains, the drivers of alternative road transport and the Accès Plus Transilien telephone advisors. 
Threats, verbal or physical violence, insults, defamation, insults or any other offence punishable by law against a member of staff may result in a complaint being lodged and criminal proceedings taken. 
Any refusal to comply with these rules cancels the travel guarantee and may justify the cancellation of the Accès Plus Transilien service for eligible persons, as well as the refusal of all assistance services, including those not requiring reservations.

Article 8 - Provision of the Andilien application

1.    Description of the Application
To access the Andilien Application, it must be downloaded from the iOS (AppStore) and Android (Google Play Store) application download platforms via a mobile device, subject to their compatibility. 
The Andilien Application is an application reserved for Persons eligible for the assistance service with reservation. It requires an email address at the time of registration.
The User undertakes to take all necessary steps to ensure the security of his account, in particular not to keep his information on any open medium whatsoever, and not to communicate his identifiers.
SNCF Voyageurs may not be held responsible for any fraudulent connection or attempted connection by a third party using a User's identifiers.
2.    Functionalities of the Application
The Application allows the User to :

  • Log in or create an account;
  • Receive an email to inform him/her of his/her effective access to the application and the steps to be taken for the first connection;
  • Once in the station, ask for help to an agent present in the station and follow the evolution of his request over time;
  • Receive an SMS notification when an agent accepts the request for help, with the waiting time before the first contact;
  • Be put in touch with the Accès Plus Transilien Customer Service if no agent is available in the station;
  • Activate your GPS position in order to request help and be located on a map by the agent;
  • In the case of stations that are too close to locate, specify the station where he is (if he knows it);
  • Communicate with the agent by SMS or phone call, depending on his preference;
  • Obtain the list of accessible stations;
  • Access the map of the station in which they are located;
  • Consult their profile and add, modify or delete their profile photo;
  • Change their phone number and password;
  • Log out and/or delete their account;
  • Manage their browsing preferences in the application and choose their mode of communication with the agent (SMS or phone call) as well as whether or not to activate the animations;
  • Call the Accès Plus Transilien Customer Service directly from the "Help" section;

3.    3. Availability of the Application

The Application is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except in cases of force majeure or events beyond the control of SNCF Voyageurs. However, SNCF Voyageurs may decide to interrupt the Application for technical maintenance or updating. This access to all or part of the Application may be suspended without prior notice to the User. The User is informed that SNCF Voyageurs may terminate or modify the characteristics of the services offered by the Application at any time.

4.    Intellectual property

The entire Application (structure and content) is the property of SNCF Voyageurs. All rights of use are reserved. In accordance with article L. 122-4 of the Intellectual Property Code, any representation or reproduction, in whole or in part, of a component of the Application without the express prior authorization of SNCF Voyageurs, by any process or medium whatsoever, is unlawful and constitutes an infringement punishable by articles L. 335-2 et seq. of the same code.


5.    Responsibility of SNCF Voyageurs

  • The information appearing on this Application is provided for information purposes only, any omissions or errors shall not engage the responsibility of SNCF Voyageurs. This information may be modified or updated at any time, without prior notice, without SNCF Voyageurs being held liable.
  • SNCF Voyageurs endeavours to provide the best possible access to the Application and its services, but cannot guarantee total and unlimited access (risk of breakdowns, maintenance operations necessary for the proper functioning of the Application, cases of force majeure, etc.). SNCF Voyageurs shall not be held liable in the event of impossibility of access to the Application or impossibility of use of its services. SNCF Voyageurs may have to interrupt the services offered by the Application or part of its services, without being held liable in this respect.
  • SNCF Voyageurs shall not be held liable for any damage or virus that could damage or render unusable the computer equipment of Internet users following a visit to the Application, despite the security measures implemented.

6.    Responsibility of the user:

  • The use of this Application is the entire and sole responsibility of the User. The User alone is responsible for the harmful consequences resulting from the use, both with regard to SNCF Voyageurs and to third parties.
  • SNCF Voyageurs shall not be held liable for any damage resulting from the use of this Application, and the User alone shall be held liable.
  • The User shall refrain from any action likely to hinder or disrupt the proper functioning or technical accessibility of the Application.
  • The User undertakes to access the Application using virus-free equipment. It is the User's responsibility to take all appropriate measures to protect his/her own data and/or software from contamination by any viruses circulating on the Internet.

It is forbidden to the User, under penalty of being held civilly and/or criminally liable, to :

  • Disrupt, block, slow down or alter the normal flow of data exchanged within the framework of the Application, accelerate the scrolling rate of the contents of the Application in such a way that the functioning of the Application is modified or altered, or commit any other action having an equivalent disruptive effect on the functionality of the Application.
  • Fraudulently access, maintain, interfere with or disrupt the information systems of the Application, including servers, networks connected to the Application, or refuse to comply with any requirements, procedures, general rules or regulations applicable to networks connected to the Application.

The User undertakes, when using the Application, not to contravene the legislative and regulatory provisions in force and these GTC.
The User is hereby informed that any violation of the said provisions may result in legal proceedings and sanctions being taken against him.
In general, SNCF Voyageurs disclaims all liability in the event of use of its services that does not comply with the GTC.
 SNCF Voyageurs reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend access to the Application at any time to any User who does not comply with the obligations set out in these GCU.


Article 9 - Pricing

The reservation and assistance service
This service is free of charge but does not exempt the eligible person from paying for his/her trip.
The SNCF Andilien application
This application is available free of charge but requires a mobile terminal.
The ticket
The journey of the Beneficiary of the assistance service and their possible companions requires the possession of a valid transport ticket in order to be in order for the whole journey to be valid.
The fare rules described below also apply to the accompanying persons, except in the case of special pricing.
All tickets valid on the SNCF, RATP and OPTILE networks are accepted:

  • Tickets and passes: Ticket T+, TICKET "Origin/Destination
  • Mobilis passes, Paris Visite passes;
  • NAVIGO passes: weekly/monthly/annual, IMAGINE'R for students or schoolchildren, NAVIGO solidarity week and month, NAVIGO free of charge, Navigo young people weekend;
  • The AMETHYSTE pass.

Fare conditions can be consulted on the website under Fares and tickets or on the Île-de-France Mobilités website.
Special case of alternative road transport
If the journey booked is by substitute road transport between the departure station and the arrival station or the feeder station, the eligible person

  1. Must be in possession of a valid ticket between the 2 stations of the trip (see above);
  2. Or, must be in possession of a transport package or card (see above), valid in the zones concerned;
  3. If neither of the first two options is possible, the customer can pay the fare for the trip in T-tickets, either full fare or half fare if he/she benefits from a discount.

The call center agent will specify the number of T-tickets that the Eligible Person must give to the carrier at the time of booking.
The ticket/card must be given or presented to the driver, along with a discount card if the person is eligible for a discounted fare.
For the part of the journey that the passenger makes using alternative road transport, the reservation made with the Accès Plus Transilien Customer Service and the "trip summary" signed by the driver are valid as a transport contract for the passenger.

Article 10 - Lost and Found

If an item is lost during a train journey, the Beneficiary must contact 36.35.
If the object is lost during a journey by substitute road transport, the Accès Plus Transilien Customer Service must be contacted, which will put the Beneficiary in contact with the substitute road transport company.
An online declaration is also possible at the following address: " ".
The Beneficiary of the assistance service must make his or her own arrangements to recover the object concerned.

Article 11 - Claims

Any suggestions and/or complaints should be addressed to the Customer Service Department in writing (email or post) at the addresses below. Only written complaints will be taken into account.

By e-mail:
By online form
In order to be taken into account, the complaint must contain the trip number in the case of a reservation, the date of the appointment, the time of pick-up and a description of the circumstances giving rise to the complaint.
The Accès Plus Transilien Customer Service Department undertakes to reply to emails within 5 working days.
Île-de-France-Mobilités and SNCF Transilien provide Beneficiaries of the service with an online reporting form with a view to removing, reducing or compensating for any obstacles they may have encountered during their travel.
SNCF Transilien will respond to requesting parties within the usual period of 18 days from the date of receipt of the form.

Article 12 - Personal data

Purpose of processing personal data
Personal data are collected and processed by SNCF Voyageurs, the data controller, in order to

  • Manage reservation requests and monitor the quality of service
  • Ensure that the service is adapted to the User's needs
  • Enable the connection between a customer with rights and an agent in the station
  • Inform the agent about the issuer of the request for assistance so that he can better qualify the request and provide quality assistance
  • Facilitate spontaneous assistance via the computer tool dedicated to monitoring assistance services: by transferring data from Andilien to SOCA (SNCF Gares et Connexions' assistance reservation management tool), in cases where the intervention is of the "SOCA assistance" type
  • Send satisfaction surveys
  • Send newsletters with information on the service in case of consent of the User

Data collected
The User is informed that any call to the Customer Service is likely to be recorded for the purpose of service quality control. If recording is not desired, the caller must mention it at the beginning of the call to the telephonist. The caller also has a right of access to the said recordings, which are kept for 2 years by the SNCF.
The data relating to exchanges of appointments are as follows:

  • Identification data (name, first name),
  • Contact data (address, email, telephone number),
  • Data related to the transport ticket (type of transport ticket used),
  • Data related to the journey (arrival station, departure station, timetable),
  • Data related to the specific needs (disability card number, type of wheelchair used, ability to transfer alone to a vehicle seat, specific needs),

This information is mandatory in order to use the Accès Plus Transilien service and the Andilien application.
When using the Andilien Application, a photograph of the user may be added to his/her profile. This is optional and is used to facilitate the user's pick-up.
The data relating to the transport ticket is not present in the Application.

Recipients of the data
All information is reserved for the use of the service(s) concerned and is only communicated to the following recipients

  • Accès Plus Transilien Customer Service in charge of the service: CS 61139 80001 AMIENS CEDEX 1
  • SNCF Voyageurs Activité Transilien - 10 rue Camille Moke - 93633 LA PLAINE ST DENIS CEDEX
  • Gares & Connexions - 16 Avenue d'Ivry - 75013 Paris
  • Substitute road transporters subcontracted by SNCF Voyageurs for the provision of substitute road transport.

Duration of data retention
The data collected by the Application is kept for the entire duration of use of the Application, and for three (3) years from the last use of the Application.
Data collected by the Customer Service Department in charge of the Accès Plus Transilien service is kept for three (3) years before being automatically deleted. Any telephone recordings are kept for two (2) years.

Personal rights or your right to access and rectify data, right of objection
You have the right to access, rectify, delete, limit, oppose, and port your data.
These rights can be exercised :

  • via this dedicated form (in French).
  • or at the following address DPO SNCF Voyageurs - Direction Performance - Direction juridique et Conformité - Campus WILSON - 9 rue Jean Philippe Rameau CS20012 - 93212 SAINT-DENIS

For all your questions concerning the processing of your personal data, you can also contact the Data Protection Officer at the following address  DPO SNCF Voyageurs - Direction Performance - Direction juridique et Conformité - Campus WILSON - 9 rue Jean Philippe Rameau CS20012 - 93212 SAINT-DENIS or at this address:
You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the French data control authority(

Article 14 - Dispute Resolution

Les litiges relatifs aux présentes dispositions sont soumis à la loi française.
La nullité en tout ou partie d’une ou de plusieurs stipulations des présentes CGU n’entraîne pas la nullité des autres dispositions ou de la partie de la disposition non entachées de nullité. 
En cas de différends relatifs à l’interprétation, la validité ou l’exécution des présentes CGU, le Bénéficiaire du service et SNCF Voyageurs conviennent de déployer leurs meilleurs efforts afin de régler à l’amiable le litige. Conformément aux articles L612-1 et suivants du Code de la consommation, le Bénéficiaire du service a le droit, en cas de contestation, de recourir gratuitement à un médiateur de la consommation, en vue de la résolution amiable du litige.
Ainsi, en cas de litiges, et uniquement après demande écrite transmise auprès du Service Client Accès Plus Transilien et dont la réponse ne lui a pas donné satisfaction ou en l’absence de réponse dans un délai d’un mois, le voyageur peut avoir recours à la voie de la médiation pour régler son litige à l’amiable : 

Médiation SNCF Voyageurs
TSA 37701a
59973 Tourcoing Cedex
Les parties au litige restent cependant libres d’accepter ou de refuser le recours à la médiation. La solution proposée par la médiation ne s’impose pas aux parties.
En cas de litige ne pouvant se solder à l’amiable, l’affaire est portée devant la juridiction territorialement compétente en France.