A tool to make it easier for me to get around the SNCF Transilien stations in Île-de-France.

What is the Andilien app?

Andilien is a free mobile application designed for people with reduced mobility and disabilities.

Whether you travel regularly or occasionally, Andilien allows you to better prepare your trip to the stations of the Transilien network by offering you

  • a map of each station, its level of accessibility and the facilities and services available,
  • the possibility of displaying an adapted itinerary at the station of your choice,
  • for Accès Plus Transilien beneficiaries, a contact (by call or text message) with a Transilien agent in all SNCF Transilien stations in the Île-de-France region for information or assistance.

Andilien and Transilien SNCF logos for Île-de-France Mobilités.

Thanks to the Andilien application, if you have an 80% or more disability card, an inclusive mobility card, or if you use a wheelchair, you can easily contact station staff to assist you. To take advantage of this service, you must register with Accès Plus Transilien 7 days a week, from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. by telephone or e-mail. To make it easier to use, remember to set your preferences. If necessary, the Accèss Plus Transilien service can help you.

How does it work?

When you arrive at a Transilien SNCF station, open the Andilien application and press the help button. Depending on your needs, the agent will inform you remotely by phone or text message, or come and meet you. By 2023, new services will be available on Andilien: a list of accessible stations and their routes adapted to people with reduced mobility, the location of elevators and escalators with their operating status and an English version of the application. See you soon on our lines.

Transilien SNCF logo for Île-de-France Mobilités.

For whom?

The Andilien application is accessible to everyone.

However, certain functions are reserved for beneficiaries of the Accès Plus Transilien service (holders of a Mobility Inclusion Card with a disability of 80% or more and wheelchair users).

The Andilien application offers various features, some of which are dedicated to Accès Plus Transilien users.

Features dedicated to the beneficiaries of the Accès Plus Transilien service

Contact with a Transilien agent

The Andilien application allows you to easily contact a Transilien agent in all SNCF Transilien stations in the Île-de-France region for information or assistance. The agent will provide you with information and come to meet you if necessary.

How do I use it?

  • I arrive at my station and press the help request button on the application;
  • I am contacted by an agent by sms or by phone, according to my preferences entered in the settings;
  • The agent informs me remotely or comes to meet me if I need assistance.
Menu application Andilien

The request to book a trip

You can access the reservation request form via the Andilien application.

How do I access it?

  • From the menu, I press the "Service Accès Plus Transilien" button;
  • Then I press the "Book assistance via the website" button;
Réservation d'un voyage avec Andilien

Contact a Transilien Accès Plus advisor

  • In the menu, I press the "Service Accès Plus Transilien" button;
  • If I am deaf, hard of hearing, deafblind or aphasic, I press the "Call us with Rogervoice" button to be put in touch with operators-translators (subtitles, French sign language or completed spoken French language);
  • Otherwise, I press the "Call us" button.
Contacter un conseiller avec Andilien ou Accès Plus Transilien

Features available to all

The Andilien application allows you to prepare your trip with :

  • The list of Transilien stations and their accessibility levels;
  • A map of each station and the facilities and services available;
  • The possibility to search for an adapted PRM itinerary in the station.

The plans and level of accessibility of the stations

From the menu, I click on "Accessibility and station map", then I search for my station by :

  • typing its name in the search bar;
  • or by searching in the list of stations sorted in alphabetical order;
  • or by filtering by line(s) and/or level(s) of accessibility;

The level of accessibility of the station is indicated by a pictogram.

There are 3 levels of accessibility:

  • Accessible with full autonomy;
  • Accessible with assistance;
  • Not accessible.
Plans et niveau d’accessibilité des gares sur Andilien
  • To access the map of the station, I press on my station and then on the button "View me in this station" to access the map;

I can also access the map of the nearest station, directly from the menu by pressing the button "Map of the nearby station".

Les plans des gares sur Andilien

The route in the station

I can get a route in the station to facilitate my travel.

Once on the map of the station:

  • I press on the point of interest I want to go to and then on the button "Launch the route";
  • I follow the indications that appear on the screen:
    • I can adjust my position if necessary by moving the little character and pressing "Confirm my position";
    • I start the guidance by pressing the "Start" button;
    • I advance from step to step by sliding the step to the left.
Guidage piéton avec Andilien

If I wish to obtain a route adapted to the PRM:

  • I first press the Preference button at the top right of the map;
  • I can ask to avoid stairs and/or escalators;
  • I can directly press the PRM accessible itinerary button;
  • I validate my preferences by pressing the "Apply" button.
Guidage piéton PRM intra gare avec Andilien

How to get the Andilien application?

The application is available for free download on the stores:

If you have a disability card of 80% or more and/or use a wheelchair, you can use the features reserved for Accès Plus Transilien users:

  • When I open the application, I press the button: "I am a beneficiary of Accès Plus Transilien".
  • If I am already a beneficiary of the Accès Plus Transilien service, I identify myself with my e-mail address and password and press the "Connect" button.
  • If I am not yet a beneficiary and I want to register, I click on the "Register" button.

To make it easier and faster to use, enter your preferences in the application settings.

If you do not have a disability card equal to or greater than 80% and/or are a wheelchair user, you can use Andilien by pressing the "I am not a beneficiary of the Accès Plus Transilien Service" button.