Origin-Destination tickets

The Origin-Destination ticket is the one-way ticket for all those who go punctually from point A to point B. The only condition to fulfill: take a continuous journey from one station to another in Île-de-France!

What is the Origin-destination ticket?

It can be used every day and is valid only for 1 journey between two stations of the Île-de-France rail network in one direction or the other.
It works within a limit of two hours after being validated.
It can be bought in advance.
From or to Paris, it allows you to take the RER and the metro, the T2 between La Défense and Issy-Val-de-Seine as well as the T4 tram lines.
Origin-Destination tickets are not valid on Noctilien night buses.
Please note, the Origin-Destination ticket is neither exchangeable nor refundable.

How much is the Origin-destination ticket?

Of course, it depends on your route. For example, a trip from Pont Cardinet to Maison-Laffitte on line J will cost you € 4.45.

To find your fare, simply enter your starting point and your ending point in the route search engine which will give you, in addition to the route to take, the fare for this route.

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Our tip

Buy your tickets in packs of 10 instead of buying them individually, save around 20%, and avoid queues!