The Navigo Easy card

Are you traveling occasionally to Île-de-France and looking for a unique travelcard where you can load your t + tickets and passes at the same time? Discover the Navigo Easy card and travel with ease!

What is the Navigo Easy card?

Take mobility on the Easy side.

  • The Navigo Easy card is a reusable contactless pass on which you can load t + tickets individually (full price) or  in a 10 pack (full price and reduced price), Navigo Day passes, Orlybus and Roissybus tickets, and the antipollution pass, when available.
  • Short passes are always validated in priority on t + tickets during your validation.
  • The Navigo Easy Card is accessible to everyone, available immediately and without formality.
  • It is anonymous and transferable to only one person at a time: the same Navigo Easy card cannot be used by several people simultaneously.
  • Full rate and reduced rate t + tickets cannot be loaded at the same time.
  • The content of the Navigo Easy card can be viewed on vending machines by depositing the pass on the reader, at the counter with agents and on certain validation devices with a digital screen (the balance of titles is displayed when validating the Navigo Easy card).


How much is the Navigo Easy card?

The price of your Navigo Easy card is € 2 to which will be added the price of the tickets loaded on it.

  • In the event of loss or theft, your Navigo Easy card will not be exchanged or refunded.
  • The passes purchased and loaded onto the Navigo Easy pass will not be reconstituted or reimbursed.

Where to buy a Navigo Easy card?

To obtain your Navigo Easy card, you can go to any ticket office, Navigo SNCF Service Counter or carrier counter. You will immediately get it there and can load the fares of your choice. You can also load tickets on SNCF and RATP ticket machines.