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Points de vente (08 Questions)

  • A service to buy tickets is offered in the mobile applications:

    • SNCF application,
    • Île-de-France Mobilités. You can access it from the Purchase tab.

    This service allows you to use your phone:

    • To buy and validate tickets

    You choose the ticket you wish to buy and proceed to purchase it. The purchased tickets are securely stored on the SIM card or in the phone.
    You can then consult the tickets you have on the phone.
    To validate, you present the back of your phone on the contactless reading target of the validator.

    • To buy tickets and load them onto your Navigo pass

    Present your Navigo pass to the back of the phone to consult its contents.
    You can then choose a ticket to buy.
    You will then be guided and asked to present your Navigo pass on the back of the phone again to write the ticket you have purchased.

    This ticket purchase service is available on the Android application Île-de-France Mobilités and is now available on iOS.
    This service is provided by Île-de-France Mobilités.

    To use the service:

    • When purchasing/reloading your Navigo pass (Buy/Reload with your phone): you need an Android phone (version 6.0 minimum) NFC (all brands and operators are compatible) or an iOS phone (version 13) for models from iPhone 7 onwards and (version 14) for the iPhone XR. 
    • In dematerialized purchase (Buy/Validate with your phone): you must have an Android SAMSUNG* or equipped with an Orange / Sosh NFC compatible SIM card. 

    * SAMSUNG GALAXY models: A5 2017, A8, A70, A80, S7, S7 Edge, S8/S8+, S9/S9+, S10/S10+/S10e, Note8, Note9, Note10 and Note10+.

    Depending on your equipment, the solution automatically chooses the location in which the purchased titles are stored: SIM or phone.

    The majority of Android NFC-enabled phones from Android version 6 onwards are potentially eligible. However, some phones do not implement the necessary functions to access the SIM card. This is for example the case of ONE PLUS or GOOGLE PIXEL 1 and 2 phones.

    The service to recharge a Navigo pass is now available on iPhone in the Île-de-France Mobilités application on all models from iPhone 7 with iOS 13 minimum. iOS 14 is required for the iPhone XR.

    Travel with your smartphone


  • Issued free of charge, the Navigo pass is nominative and includes a photo ID. It is reserved for people working or living in Île-de-France. 

    You can obtain it : 

    • Online: provide yourself with a digital photo and follow the instructions. 
    • If your application is complete, the Navigo pass will either be delivered to your home address within 10 days (excluding weekends and public holidays), or it will be issued at one of the transport companies' sales outlets, certain RATP counters or SNCF Navigo Service Desks three working days after you order it. 
    • At a sales office: go directly to a carrier's sales office, SNCF Navigo Services counter or certain RATP counters, with proof of address. Your photo will be taken and your pass will be produced on the spot.
    • By post: the Navigo pass application form is available from any RATP, SNCF, OPTILE or SNCF Navigo Services counter or from certain RATP counters, as well as from all RATP and SNCF ticket offices. Fill it in, attach a passport photo and send it in with the T envelope provided. You will receive your Navigo pass at home within 21 days of receiving your completed application.
    • On your phone by downloading the mobile application: create your Navigo Connect account (by entering your personal data and photo) and use your phone as a support, like a Navigo pass.

    Points of sale

  • You can update your pass at a point of sale or at a Transilien SNCF or RATP ticket machine. Find the nearest point of sale here :

    Points of sale

  • Go to a transport company's sales office, the SNCF Navigo Service Desk or certain RATP counters. To subscribe and obtain your Navigo Annual pass immediately, please bring along 

    • A bank account number (if you choose to pay by direct debit) 
    • A means of payment for the first month's payment: credit card, cheque or cash (only in agencies) 

    You do not need to provide a photo, it will be taken directly on site. 
    Your Navigo Annual pass will be given to you immediately.

    Annual Navigo pass

    Points of sale

  • Need to know the opening hours of your agency? You can find them in the "Sales hours" tab on the station page.

    Can't find your agency? Perhaps it is a RATP sales outlet?

    Locate the points of sale



  • Need to know the address closest to your home?

    1. Select the Navigo Services agency of your choice,
    2. find out its opening hours (Sales hours tab),
    3. and its location (Practical info tab).

    Can't find your agency? Perhaps it is a RATP sales outlet?

    Locate the points of sale

  • At these agencies, you can take out your Navigo Annual, Navigo Annual Senior pricing, Navigo Month, Navigo Week pass, or a Navigo Liberté + contract. You can also carry out operations relating to the management of your contract or your Navigo pass.

  • You can find this information by entering your station in the Search for a Transilien station search engine on the following page:

    Search for a station (in French)