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Passes Navigo (16 Questions)

  • If your Navigo pass does not work properly, you can go to any of the transport companies' sales offices, the SNCF Navigo Service Desk or certain RATP counters.
    In the event of a proven malfunction, a new Navigo pass will be issued to you immediately upon presentation of an identity document and in exchange for your defective pass. 
    However, if the Navigo pass is damaged due to your fault, you will be asked to pay a fixed fee of 8 euros.

  • In the event of a proven malfunction, the Navigo Découverte pass will be replaced immediately at all transport operators' ticket offices, SNCF Navigo Service Desks and RATP ticket offices. 
    The replacement is free of charge, unless the malfunction is due to the user's failure to observe the precautions for use.

  • The Navigo Découverte pass is available : 

    • at SNCF, OPTILE and RATP sales offices, 
    • at club counters 
    • at the SNCF Navigo Services desk. 

    You will get your pass immediately on the spot and can load it with the pass of your choice.

    GOOD TO KNOW: It is possible to load the Navigo Découverte pass from your telephone. To find out more, consult the "Travel with your smartphone" page.

  • The Navigo Découverte pass is a contactless pass with a card to be personalized by the holder. The pass holder must write his or her first and last names, stick on his or her photo and affix the self-adhesive flap to the card.
    These two cards are strictly personal, non-transferable and inseparable. They must always be used and presented together.
    The Navigo Découverte pass can contain up to two Navigo Day, Week or Month passes.
    It is accessible to all, available immediately and without any formalities, at the price of 5€.

    Navigo Découverte

  • In the event of loss or theft, your pass and the loaded ticket cannot be replaced, in accordance with the General Conditions of Sale and Use of the Navigo Easy pass.

  • This pass, sold for 2 euros (tax included), is available immediately at RATP ticket offices and counters, Transilien ticket offices and SNCF Navigo Services ticket offices.

    GOOD TO KNOW: It is possible to load the Navigo Easy pass from your phone. To find out more, see the "Travel with your smartphone" page.

    Travel with your smartphone

  • The Navigo Easy pass can be used to load Navigo Day and Weekend passes, single t+ tickets, t+ books (full fare and reduced fare) and RoissyBus/OrlyBus tickets.
    The Navigo Easy pass is anonymous: the holder of the card is not registered in a customer file.
    The pass can be lent out, but each passenger must have his or her own pass and validate it when making a journey.
    It is open to all (residents of Ile-de-France and non-Francilians).
    It is sold at ticket offices (€2) and can be recharged at automatic sales machines and ticket offices.

    Navigo Easy

  • The Navigo Jour pass is available on the following media

    • Île-de-France Mobilités application
    • SNCF application
    • Personalized Navigo pass
    • Navigo Discovery Pass
    • Easy Navigo pass