The T 11 Express line which runs from Épinay-sur-Seine to Le Bourget in just 15 minutes has been open since July 1, 2017. It allows you to travel through the North of the Île-de-France region, without going through Paris, and connects to lines B, C, D, H and tram T8.

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The T11 Express is a light rail type tram train which runs on the rail lines of the national network. Several arguments led to this choice: this solution requires a narrower platform, the rolling stock is silent and preserves the urban environment. Finally, the 15 Dualis trainsets manufactured by Alstom have an acceleration capacity - up to 100 km / h - and braking capacity meeting the characteristics of this line, the stations of which are quite close together.
Equipped with a visual and audio passenger information system, each train has a capacity of 250, including 92 seated. Large bay windows and air conditioning promote comfort and an integrated video surveillance system contributes to the safety of the trains.

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