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How about avoiding the rush hour?

Transilien SNCF informs you about peak periods to avoid when you can.

The website continues to innovate and allows you to know how many people are on board your trains.

 Since last April, has been informing you of the usual number of passengers on board your trains* in the results of your itinerary searches and your personalized timetables via small pictograms indicating the degree of affluence.

* Information available for RER and Transilien trains, except for RER A and B trains: coming soon.

From September onwards, some passengers will also be able to try out on-board information on the next departures section of, for trains equipped with real-time counting systems: particularly innovative and useful information at this time of year, which will be consolidated in the months to come. 

The terms "Current" and "Usual" are added to the pictograms you already know to indicate whether the information displayed corresponds to the actual time or to the usual traffic on your train.

Follow one of the links below to find the information on the traffic on your trains:

It is possible that on some trains, this information is not available. A little more patience: the data is being consolidated, this information will soon be available on all trains.
The affluence has been set up because we are convinced of its usefulness but also because many of you, users, have asked us for it. Continue to give your opinion and consult the new features of the site on this page.