Using the Navigo Découverte card

Visit Paris and the surrounding area as much as you want, with just one ticket: the Paris Visite pass! Take advantage of the many discounts offered by our partners.

Information about the Navigo Découverte card

Do you need a weekly pass that makes your life easier? See how to travel simply with the Navigo Découverte card.

  • The Navigo Découverte card includes a case, an ID card, and a chip card onto which you can load your Navigo Weekly pass (Navigo Semaine), which gives you unlimited travel in the zones you choose. You need all of these things together to use this fare.
  • It's available to everyone, right away and with no paperwork.
  • If it's lost, stolen, or damaged, though, it won't be refunded or replaced. Any passes you have purchased will not be reinstated.
More about After-Sales Service

The Navigo Découverte card costs €5.

To get your Navigo Découverte card, you can either:

  • Go to an SNCF Transilien, OPTILE, or RATP sales office, or to one of the "comptoir-club" offices in Paris or in the Paris region, where you can get it right away.
  • Or, place on order online on the Navigo site, in the "Reload/Order" section. Your card will be shipped within 3 weeks.
See the list of SNCF Transilien Sales OfficesGo to the "Reload/Order" page (in French)

Your Navigo Découverte is good for 10 years. Hold on to it: you can reload it as many times as you need.

See the Transilien sales outletsSee other purchasing channelsVisit the "Reload/Order" page (in French)