Just 30 minutes from Paris, the Forest of Montmorency is an ideal place for long family strolls. It's a real green lung, with hidden treasures to discover.

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The Montmorency Forest is a green lung in Val-d’Oise. This natural area, 90% filled with sweet chestnut trees, is a real playground for all who love walks and hikes of all sorts, as well as mountain biking and horseback riding. 


The Montmorency Forest also has some remarkable sites, just like the hunting château. Its massive heart is still beating today, with temporary exhibits that are regularly organised on the ground floor, with two educational paths setting off from the estate related to forestry techniques and forest ecology. This part of the estate is still home to the forest's main spring, the Sainte-Radegonde fountain. 


Visitors can roam across the Montmorency Forest in any way they like, and discover several ponds, a 19th-century tower (the "Tour Plumet"), and the Pont du Diable ("The Devil's Bridge"), constructed in the 17th century to connect to a château that was never built! This walking path goes along the entire edge of the forest, from one village to another. Information for tourists is highlighted at each step.

Visit the Montmorency Forest website (nouvelle fenêtre)
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Forêt de Montmorency - 95160 Montmorency

Getting There 

To get to the Montmorency Forest, take Transilien Line H to Taverny station or Saint-Leu-la-Forêt station. If you're leaving from Paris, you can take this train from Paris Nord station.
The entrance to the forest is a 13-minute walk from Taverny station or Saint-Leu-la-Forêt station.
On the west side of the forest, Transilien Line H also goes to Bouffémont-Moisselles and Domont stations.