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Medieval city of Provins

A stone's throw from Paris, travel back in time towards the Middle Ages. The city of Provins has preserved a unique architectural heritage that will delight the whole family.

How do I get to the medieval city of Provins?

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Chemin de Villecran
77160 Provins

A unique medieval heritage

The medieval city of Provins is a journey back in time. Listed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco, it brings together more than 58 historic monuments. It is a living testimony to what an opulent trading city could have been in the 12th and 13th centuries. Hosted with shows, parties and reenactment, it seduces all visitors.

We still distinguish today the Upper Town, called Le Châtel, and the Lower Town, called the Val. You will discover the brand of the Champagne Tales of which Provins was a stronghold. Pass the ramparts and the fortified gates. The top of the city is dominated by a keep, the Tour César. Its architecture as its frame are remarkable. And under the city, Romanesque and Gothic low rooms follow one another in a network of underground passages.

Its refinements - a vaulted arched low room, sculpted capitals, etc. - bear witness to the city's prosperity at the time of the great Champagne Fairs. Beyond the economic heritage, the religious heritage is also flourishing: Saint-Quiriace collegiate church, Saint-Ayoul church ...