A solo 35 kilómetros al sur de París, el dominio Chamarande combina el patrimonio natural e histórico con espacios dedicados al arte contemporáneo. Está abierto al público todos los días del año, y es un gran lugar para salir con la familia, con su combinación de naturaleza y cultura.

How do I get to Domaine de Chamarande?

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38 Rue du Commandant Maurice Arnoux
91730 Chamarande

Nature History and Culture

The Chamarande Domain is not only the largest public garden in the Essonne department: it's also an artistic and cultural centre dedicated to contemporary production.

Spanning across 242 acres, the park is first and foremost a natural space listed as a "Remarkable Garden". The park offers different areas for walking, including the French-style garden from the 17th century, and the 19th-century English garden. These are complemented by forests in which typical reed vegetation is a natural refuge for birds.

Visitors to the Domain uncover what are called the "Fabriques". These include the Buffet d'Eau, one of the rare fountains from the time, the auditorium, the orangery, and a life-size Game of Goose. The château was built in 1654. It was purchased in 1978 by the City of Essonne, and was turned into an arts and culture centre in 2001. The Chamarande Domain hosts exhibitions, shows, and participative workshops.