Parc Marly-le-Roi

This former royal estate has become one of the most pleasant places to go for a stroll, just 30 minutes from the heart of Paris. Marly-le-Roi Park is also home to what's left of the famous Marly Machine, along with a walking museum.

How to get to the Parc de Marly-le-Roi?

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Avenue des Combattants
78160 Marly-le-Roi

In the footsteps of the Sun King

The Marly park is a former royal estate. Even though visitors enter by the royal gates, and the "Porte d'honneur" and "Porte du phare" gates are still there, there is nothing left of the château. Today the Marly park is listed as a National Estate ("Domaine National"), and remains a place for lovely walks, with parks, gardens, ornamental lakes and fountains laid out along a hill. Visitors can find the ruins of the famous Marly Machine, which provided water to the estate's ornamental lakes as well as those of Versailles. The reservoirs, the Louveciennes Aqueduct, and water pipes can still be explored there, along with the ornamental lakes and the statues of Amphitrite and Neptune. The large fountain can still be seen in action on the third Sunday of each month, from May to September.

On the Louveciennes side, the Marly-le-Roi park offers historical charm with its walking museum, whose beautiful collections cover the history of the estate and its development under Louis XV and Louis XVI.