Located in the heart of the forest, the Château de Rambouillet is a reminder of how much royal families loved hunting. It was first a royal residence, and then a presidential one. It can be visited with a guide, and visitors can stroll along the vast French-style park and explore its outbuildings.

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Château de Rambouillet
78120 Rambouillet

A little history

Originally, in the Middle Ages, Rambouillet was a fortified castle. The count of Toulouse, a passionate hunter, then made it his residence, turning it into a real château in the 18th century, before it became a royal residence in the reign of Louis XVI. Abandoned during the French revolution and restored by Napoleon I, the Château de Rambouillet remained a presidential residence until 2009. Today, the château's interior can only be visited with a guide. There, visitors can discover furnished apartments with rococo and neo-Pompeian décor, the style Napoleon very much appreciated. The marble room is particularly remarkable.

The castle's park, which extends nearly 250 acres into the heart of the Rambouillet forest, is listed as a "Remarkable Garden" and is laid out in the French style, featuring islands and canals. When visiting the Château de Rambouillet, you can also explore its outbuildings, including the Queen's dairy, built for Marie-Antoinette (who hated the château!) and the shell cottage, a hermitage tucked into an English-style garden.