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The bois de Vincennes

Need some green space? The Bois de Vincennes is a perfect haven of greenery for sports, walks, or just a relaxed stroll.

How do I get to the Bois de Vincennes?

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Bois de Vincennes
75012 Paris

The Largest green space

The Bois de Vincennes is the largest green space in Paris. It also includes lakes, a racetrack, an arboretum, the Floral Park, a farm, an ornithological reserve, and a Tropical Agronomy garden.

The park was designed by Louis XV. It had previously served as hunting grounds for French kings. Its network of lakes and rivers takes its inspiration from English gardens, and it is dotted with bridges, artificial waterfalls, kiosks, and restaurants. Visitors can discover the beauty of its fauna and flora as they walk along the paths. The paths are open to bicycles, horses, and joggers. There are playgrounds throughout the wooded areas. A canoe trip across one of the four lakes is not to be missed, and the botanical gardens present floral arts in their full splendour.

The Daumesnil course extends along 1,400 metres and features 14 pieces of exercise equipment. There's a second course for those who are in even better shape. For children, the puppet theatre is part of a long tradition. They will also enjoy experiencing the Paris Farm.