Saint-Denis Pleyel business district

Saint-Denis Pleyel is a major activity space which constitutes one of the main future sectors of Greater Paris.

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Place Pleyel
93200 Saint-Denis

An economic zone of the future

The Plaine neighbourhood in Saint-Denis has begun its transformation. Formerly the largest industrial zone in Europe, devastated during de-industrialisation, it has transformed itself into a first-rate business area. It took off during the construction of the Stade de France, and now has nearly 200,000 m2 of office space. Between the cities of Saint-Denis and Saint-Ouen, it is home to many corporate headquarters. Notably, this is where the illustrious National Conservatory of Arts and Trades is located. Just to the west of La Plaine, the Pleyel neighbourhood is on the same path. The Saint-Denis Pleyel business district is one of the main sectors for the future Grand Paris. The future industrial sector will eventually occupy 700,000 m2 of space. It will be organised around the railway station with the same name, which is the endpoint of line 14 of the Grand Paris Express network. It is scheduled to open in 2023. At that time, the architects working on the project expect the population to be 9,000, with 22,000 jobs within one kilometre of the station.