Located along the historical axis of Paris, the La Défense business district is the leading business district in Europe.

How do I get to the La Défense district?

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Quartier de La Défense
92800 Puteaux

The Leading business district in Europe

As the leading business district in Europe, La Défense occupies more than 3 million square metres of office space. The district began its rise in the 1960s. It's currently home to many corporate headquarters, including those of 15 of the leading 50 world companies, which gives it international renown. La Défense is an economic hub that brings many different sectors together, particularly finance and high-tech, with companies like HSBC, Société Générale, Atos Origin, and Capgemini, for example. 

And while the rhythm of La Défense is that of the office workday, this district also stands out with the variety of its activity. It is a real centre of local life with residences and shopping, including the Quatre Temps. The CNIT and Espace Grande Arche conference centre are also locations for large events open to the general public, as well as professional events.