At the foot of the Palace of Versailles, you will find a hotel in which you will not stay but can admire the treasures that the city of King Louis XIV contains.

How do I get to the Lambinet Museum?

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54 Boulevard de la Reine
78000 Versailles

At the gates of the castle

Near the famous Palace of Versailles is an old mansion that Joseph-Barnabé Porchon, who built the buildings of King Louis XV, had built on the site of the old Clagny pond. It was the Lambinet family who bequeathed the house in 1929 to the city of Versailles to install the municipal collections of works of art.
After various transformations and extensions, the museum now has 35 rooms arranged on 3 floors, in which are presented works focusing on the iconography of Versailles and the decorative aspects of the hotel. The proposed route from the ground floor to the top floor takes visitors into the world of Versailles in the 18th century, from the fine arts department through the reconstruction of the hotel of the time to the collections of works and objects on history and the city and on the French Revolution.
Located less than 500m from the Versailles estate, the Lambinet museum completes the cultural experience offered by the castle, for the most curious visitors.