Right next to the main entrance of the Château de Versailles, the Cour des Senteurs is a visual and olfactory journey into the world of perfume. This museum and perfume garden is an original idea for an outing, and is also a reminder that Versailles is where the work of perfumery was born.

How do I get to the scent yard?

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8 Rue de la Chancellerie
78000 Versailles

A little history

The history of Versailles is intimately linked to the history of perfume. Wasn't Louis XIV known as "the sweetest smelling king in the world"? The career of perfumer was born in Versailles, under Louis XVI. In April of 2013, perfume found its full role again at the Château de Versailles, with the Cour des Senteurs located just 100 metres from the main entrance. Visitors are invited on a multi-stage olfactory journey. The first, the House of Perfume, is a museum area dedicated to understanding the history of perfume. There, visitors can find audiovisual alcoves and chests where aroma diffusers teach them about the seven olfactory families.

Outside this site, which is freely accessible, the Aroma Gardens present the most common natural essences, and, of course, the perfume that they release, while the Aroma Plaza pays homage to four great luxury brands: Guerlain, Lenôtre, Diptyque and Maison Fabre. Each one tells their story, perfectly showcasing their creations.