Tilien is a conversational agent in Facebook Messenger that answers your questions. He's still learning so be gentle!

Why Tilien?

Innovative and smart, Tilien was designed as the perfect travel companion. Always available, he answers you immediately 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on Facebook Messenger.

The Chatbot does not need to be downloaded. Just add him directly to your contacts on by looking for Tilien - Transport Bot or @botsncftransilien to access the service.

Today, he informs you in French of the next train departures, service status, alerts you of traffic disruptions according to your settings and offers you routes on the entire Île-de-France rail network. De-France (metro, RER, Transilien, Tram). Tilien is only starting to learn English.

The chatbot provides:

  • the first and last train on your line
  • the next departures
  • route search
  • service status
  • the possibility of subscribing to traffic alerts
  • network maps
  • line maps
  • contact with customer service
  • access to the transilien.com pages to find out more (on timetables, price information or to buy your tickets)

Good to know

Messenger is a platform that requires you to have a Facebook or Messenger account, otherwise you will not be able to contact the Chatbot.

The service is completely free and accessible from a mobile or non-mobile electronic device: smartphone (IOS or Android), computer, tablet.

How to use the ChatBot?

  • Step 1: Add to your messenger contacts  « @botsncftransilien » or look for « Tilien - Transport Bot ».
  • Step 2: Once the contact has been added, you can interact with it by clicking on "start".
  • Step 3: Ask him a question such as: "What are the next trains to Saint Lazare?" "

Some examples

You can ask him any questions related to next departures, service status, network maps, line maps, contact such as:

  • What are the last departures at Chelles-Gournay station?
  • Can I create a traffic alert for line H?
  • What are the next trains to Versailles from Montparnasse?
  • What is the service status on the RER C?
  • Give me the map of the metro network
  • I want to make a complaint
  • I want to go from Juvisy to Argenteuil
  • What is the price of a Navigo pass?
  • Where to buy a Navigo Month pass?
  • I am a student. How do I get my imagine R pass?