Chatbot SNCF Transilien - TOS

The purpose of these terms of service (hereinafter the "TOS") is to define the conditions of access and use of the Transilien Chatbot conversational agent.


A "User" of the Chatbot conversational agent is defined as any natural person exchanging messages with the Transilien Chatbot, regardless of the conversational channel. A "conversational channel" refers to the means of conversation adopted by the User to dialogue with the Transilien Chatbot.

The use of the chat channel on an occasional or regular basis by the User is subject to full acceptance and compliance with the clauses, rights and obligations arising from these TOS.

This use is strictly reserved for the User as defined in these TOS.

The original version of these TOS is written in French, is the only authentic version and prevails over any other version. It applies in full from 1 March 2017. It supersedes any other previously issued terms and conditions that may be contained in documents or agreed by any other means. SNCF Transilien may amend or update these TOS at any time and without notice. Accordingly, it is the User's responsibility to regularly refer to the latest version of the TOS, which are permanently available at the address referred to in these TOS.

For any question regarding these TOS, please contact SNCF by post:

Transilien SNCF

Marketing and Services Division - Marketing and Digital Department

10, rue Camille Moke - CS 80001


1) Purpose of the Transilien Chatbot service

The purpose of the Transilien Chatbot is to provide information about the timetables and routes of the rail network in the Paris region.  It will gradually be enhanced with new services to better meet the needs of Transilien customers.

Access to the Transilien Chatbot is free and is not conditional on any subscription.

2) Access to the Transilien Chatbot

The Transilien Chatbot can be accessed from the following electronic devices, mobile or otherwise: smartphone, computer, tablet, subject to their compatibility with the Transilien Chatbot.

The User agrees to take all necessary steps to ensure the security of his/her account, in particular not to store his/her information on any open medium whatsoever and to not communicate his/her login details.

Accordingly, SNCF may not be held responsible for any fraudulent login or attempted login by a third party using a user's login details.

SNCF is only bound by a best efforts obligation concerning the accessibility of the Transilien Chatbot. SNCF is in no way responsible for any interruptions and the consequences that may result for the User or any third party.

SNCF reserves the right to suspend, interrupt or limit, without prior notice, access to all or part of the Transilien Chatbot, in particular for maintenance operations and updates necessary for the proper functioning of the Transilien Chatbot and related materials, or for any other reason, in particular technical.

3) Use of the Transilien Chatbot service

The User declares that he/she is fully aware that the data cannot be fully protected against any form of intrusion (hacking). The User acknowledges that it is impossible to guarantee the complete security of the data transmitted. Accordingly, SNCF cannot be held responsible for any incidents that may arise.

The User shall refrain from performing any action that may hinder or disrupt the proper functioning or technical accessibility of the Transilien Chatbot service.

The User agrees to access the Transilien Chatbot using equipment that does not contain any viruses. It is the responsibility of the User to take all appropriate measures to protect his/her data and/or software programs from contamination by any virus circulating on the internet network.

It is forbidden to the User, under penalty of civil and/or criminal liability, to:

  • Disrupt, block, slow down or alter the normal flow of data exchanged in connection with the Transilien Chatbot, speed up the rate of scrolling of the contents of the Transilien Chatbot in such a way that the operation of the Transilien Chatbot is changed or altered, or commit any other action that has an equivalent disruptive effect on the functionality of the Transilien Chatbot.
  • Fraudulently access, maintain, hinder or disrupt the information systems of the Transilien Chatbot, and in particular the servers and networks connected to the Transilien Chatbot, or refuse to comply with the requirements, procedures, general rules or regulations applicable to the networks connected to the Transilien Chatbot.

While using the Transilien Chatbot, the User undertakes to comply with current legislative and regulatory provisions in effect in these TOS. The User is informed that any violation of the aforementioned provisions may lead to prosecution and sanctions against him or her.

In a general sense, SNCF accepts no responsibility for any use that does not comply with the TOS of its services. SNCF reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend access to parts of the Transilien Chatbot at any time to any User who does not comply with the obligations set out in these TOS.

4) Availability of the Transilien Chatbot service

The Transilien Chatbot is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except in the case of force majeure or any other event outside of SNCF's control.

However, SNCF may decide to interrupt the service for technical maintenance or updating purposes, as provided for in Article 2 of these TOS.  This access to all or part of the Transilien Chatbot may be suspended without prior notice to the User.

The response time of the Chatbot depends on the number of people using the service at the same time. The larger the number of users, the longer the response time may be.

The User is informed that SNCF may terminate or modify the characteristics of the services offered by the Transilien Chatbot at any time, without prior notice, in which case the User may not take legal action against SNCF.

5) Acceptance of internet risks

The User declares that he/she is aware of the risks associated with the internet and acknowledges that:

  • Data exchanges on the internet are not particularly reliable and are therefore not protected, particularly against the risks of misappropriation and piracy.
  • The technical performance of the internet network, as well as the response time for viewing, querying or transferring data, is variable and random.

6) Content of the Transilien Chatbot

SNCF Transilien endeavours to provide information on the Chatbot service that is as accurate as possible. However, SNCF Transilien is only bound by a best efforts obligation regarding the accuracy of the information provided and cannot be held responsible for omissions, inaccuracies or failures to update, whether caused by itself or by third parties that provide this information.

The content, presentation and operation of the Transilien Chatbot may be changed at any time by SNCF, depending on its commercial policy and the proper operation of the Transilien Chatbot.

SNCF takes great care to ensure the quality and update of the content presented in the Transilien Chatbot and may not be held liable for any damage resulting from the use by the User, for any purpose whatsoever, of the information communicated by the Transilien Chatbot.

The User expressly acknowledges that he/she must use his/her best judgement as to the reliability and truthfulness of the information communicated by the Transilien Chatbot and carry out all verifications under his/her responsibility.

7) Intellectual property

In a general sense, the User shall refrain from infringing the intellectual property rights (copyright, related rights, sui generis right of the database producer, trademark right, domain name, etc.) of SNCF and/or any third party.

SNCF is the owner of all intellectual property rights over the structure and content of the Transilien Chatbot (text, logos, images, sound components, software programs, icons, layout, database, etc.) or has acquired the rights allowing it to exploit the structure and content of the Transilien Chatbot through legal means, without limitation.

The trademarks and logos on the Transilien Chatbot have been registered with the competent authorities by the companies that own them. Any reproduction of the names or logos by any means without prior authorisation from the owner concerned is prohibited.

Failure to respect these restrictions may constitute an act of forgery and/or unfair and parasitic competition and incur the civil and/or criminal liability of the User.

8) Personal data management

SNCF Transilien will not collect any personal data through the Chatbot service. The following will be collected:

  • Anonymous conversations: the aim is to be able to improve the service according to the questions asked by the Users and the responses given by the Chatbot (nature of the queries made, nature of the responses given)
  • Anonymous Twitter public profile data (age, gender, city of residence, language), which will be used for statistical purposes.

9) Invalidity of a clause

If any provision, in whole or in part, of these TOS is found to be invalid due to a legal or regulatory provision or as a result of a final judicial decision, it will not affect the validity of the other provisions or of any part of the provision concerned which is not voidable.

10) Applicable law - Dispute resolution

These Terms of Service are subject to French law.

In the event of disputes relating to the interpretation, validity or execution of these TOS, the User and SNCF agree to make their best efforts to settle the dispute amicably. In accordance with Articles L612-1 et seq. of the French Consumer Code, the user has the right to have recourse free of charge to the SNCF mediator, with a view to amicably resolving the dispute. The SNCF mediator can be contacted in the following ways:

The user may also, if he/she so wishes, take direct action to resolve any dispute arising from or in connection with his/her contract, in accordance with the eJust Arbitration Rules or before the competent state court.