Do you have a Navigo pass? Since September 1, 2012, Île de France Mobilités has implemented Navigo dezoning, which allows you to travel everywhere, regardless of the area in Île-de-France and with all types of transport during specific periods of the year.

What is dezoning?

Navigo dezoning allows all holders of Navigo passes to travel at no additional cost outside their usual areas of validity:

  • weekends,
  • holidays,
  • during the Ile-de-France short school holidays
  • and from mid-July to mid-August.

During these periods, pass holders can use all of Île-de-France's public transport systems with the exception of Orlyval.

Navigo dezoning applies from the first day of dezoning at midnight to the last day of dezoning at 24 h.
In the Noctilien, dezoning applies during the nights from Friday to Saturday and from Saturday to Sunday for weekends, and the night before the public holiday.