This vast white parallelepiped, built on thin support pillars, is located on a 17-acre lot. Villa Savoye in Poissy is one of the great works of architect Le Corbusier, and has been listed as a historical monument since 1965.

How do I get to Villa Savoye?

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82 Rue de Villiers
78300 Poissy

Built by Le Corbusier

This visit tells the story of a house designed by the Savoyes, a couple in the insurance business. It was built between 1928 and 1931, and initially called "Les Heures Claires" ("The bright hours"), marking the end of the cycle of white villas built by Le Corbusier. Damaged during the war, repurchased by the City of Poissy, then restored, Villa Savoye has been delighting visitors with its secrets since 1997.

Villa Savoye is first and foremost a major architectural point of interest, because it illustrates the five main principles of modern architecture according to Le Corbusier. The architectural tour, which takes about an hour, goes though the living spaces on the first floor laid out around the hanging garden and the solarium. It continues to the functional kitchen and the gently sloping ramp leading to the bedrooms. After taking in the genius of Le Corbusier, visitors can see exhibits hosted inside.