Visit this very beautiful forest park in the town of Sevran, and take a walk in woods, prairies, and wetlands. Visitors to the Poudrerie National Forest are sure to find relaxation and discovery. There are also educational activities for children.

How do I get to the Poudrerie Park?

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Parc forestier de la Poudrerie
93190 Livry-Gargan

In the woods of the Poudrerie

As a true green lung in the city of Sevran, the Poudrerie forest park can be visited every day of the year, on a site once occupied by the French national gunpowder factory - a few traces of which still remain. Nature has taken back over in this 338-acre space. The park has become a place for very pleasant walks, along the paths that border the chestnuts, oaks, and hornbeams, leading towards ponds, pools, and meadow areas. In addition to the omnipresent birds, the Poudrerie park has very diverse fauna. Agile frogs, palmate newts and fire salamanders thrive in the ponds and martens, weasels, pipistrelles and bats have also made their home here.

Children will particularly enjoy the Poudrerie forest park, because the association's volunteers, who manage the site, regularly organise pedagogical activities with nature guides, to help children discover the park's animals, the world of insects, and pond ecosystems.