Just one hour from Paris, discover a range of athletic activities, nautical sports, and other ways to relax at the Jablines-Annet Leisure Center. It's also home to the most well-known beach in Île-de-France.

How do I get to the Jablines-Annet leisure center?

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Base de loisirs Jablines-Annet
77450 Jablines

Work out and relax

The Jablines-Annet Leisure Centre is one of eleven regional leisure centres in the Paris region. It's ideal for an outdoor jog or a Sunday family outing.

There are many activities available for visitors. These include a number of sports: waterskiing, tennis, horseback riding, sailing, basketball, and table tennis are all on offer. There are several loops available for hikers, ranging between 3 and 6 kilometres, along the twelve lakes and ponds, in an area with a "Natura 2000" rating, so designated for the rareness of the plant and animal species that abide there.

Thanks to its playing fields, pétanque courts, and one of the most beautiful beaches in Île-de-France, the leisure centre is an ideal spot for relaxation. And once nice weather arrives, there are plenty of activities organised at the centre: waterskiing for children, birdwatching, nature walks, guided canoe-kayak tours, and more.