In Yerres, the former property of the impressionist painter Gustave Caillebotte has been restored to become a public garden, the buildings of which host numerous exhibitions.

How do I get to the Caillebotte Estate?

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8 Rue de Concy
91330 Yerres

The inspiration of the impressionist

The soul of Gustave Caillebotte hangs over the property that bears his name in Yerres. The impressionist painter indeed lived and painted here several dozen of his paintings between 1860 and 1879.

The baptized place has become a public garden and an exhibition center.

The complex includes a colonnaded mansion, built in 1830 in a neoclassical style, a pleasure park bordering the Yerres river or various factories, these small constructions with varied architecture very popular in the 19th century.

Among them, the Orangery has become an exhibition center, while the Swiss Chalet now houses a gourmet restaurant, "Le Chalet du parc". The kiosk still stands in the middle of the park where you can admire Lebanese cedars, three-branch plane trees and bicentennial oaks.

Below him, the cooler recalls an ancient way of preserving food. It is good to sit on the Asian bench and contemplate the park, before, why not, visit an exhibition presented in the Ornate Farm, the old outbuildings.