The sport of boxing has been popular since Antiquity. Now there's an entire museum devoted to it in the Paris region. It is located in the Sannois sports centre, and tells the story of boxing and the sport's stars with a stunning collection of more than 8,000 objects.

How do I get to the Boxing Museum?

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80 Rue du Poirier Baron
95110 Sannois

A little history

The Jean-Claude Bouttier sports centre in Sannois has been home to a beautiful museum since 2005, dedicated to boxing and its history. Intended for the general public, this space for permanent and temporary exhibitions shows the evolution of the sport, with themes including "History of Boxing from Antiquity to the 18th century" and "Boxing in the 19th and 20th centuries". The Sannois Boxing Museum also pays homage to great figures such as Joe Louis, Georges Carpentier, Mohamed Ali, and Marcel Cerdan. More than 8,000 objects and articles of clothing are on display to the public. Many belonged to boxing stars. There is also a reconstructed training room and ring, to plunge visitors into the ambiance of a big fight night. Engravings, posters, paintings, old photographs, and multiple trophies tell the story of the evolution of boxing and the enthusiasm the sport elicits. The Sannois museum is the only museum in France exclusively devoted to boxing.