Located in the Paris of 19th-century poets and artists, the Museum of Romantics (known in French as Musée de la vie romantique) invites you on an artistic and literary journey.

How do I get to the Museum of Romantics?

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16 Rue Chaptal
75009 Paris

Discovering romantic Paris

This residence is a jewel of the 19th-century Romantic era. It belonged to Scheffer, who taught drawing to the children of the Duke of Orléans. Great artists began to gather there in 1830. The Who's Who of Paris came to these salons: Delacroix, George Sand, Chopin, Liszt, Marie d’Agoult, Rossini, Tourgueniev, Dickens, Théodore Rousseau, and more.

Today, splendid collections are a testament to the Romantic era: portraits, furniture, and jewellery that belonged to Georges Sand, along with Ary Scheffer's paintings and portraits. Upstairs, the rooms are decorated with typical sculptures and portraits from the period. The office and bedroom show Ary Scheffer's inspirations: these include works by Neogothic authors like Goethe, Byron, and Dante, as well as Renan's religious works. There are also many painting and photography exhibitions to visit. Adults and children alike will get a chance to learn about art.

You can continue to savour this little piece of paradise in the tea room, "Un thé dans le Jardin", located in the greenhouse. Food lovers will delight in the pastries, or in snacks for lunch, under the shade of the century-old trees.