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Paiement au trajet (09 Questions)

  • If your Navigo pass does not work properly, you can go to any of the transport companies' sales offices, the SNCF Navigo Service Desk or certain RATP counters.
    In the event of a proven malfunction, a new Navigo pass will be issued to you immediately upon presentation of an identity document and in exchange for your defective pass. 
    However, if the Navigo pass is damaged due to your fault, you will be asked to pay a fixed fee of 8 euros.

  • You can report the loss or theft of your Navigo pass:

    • Online from your personal space: click on "declare the loss/stolen card" and follow the instructions. Once you have completed the online declaration, your old Navigo pass will be permanently deactivated. You will receive your new Navigo pass within a maximum of 10 days (excluding weekends and public holidays) of receiving your request. It will already be loaded with your Navigo Liberté + contract.
    • At the transport companies' sales offices, at the SNCF Navigo Services Counter or at certain RATP counters
    • By telephone, by contacting the Navigo Agency on (no surcharge)

    If your Navigo pass is lost or stolen, it will be replaced at your request for a flat fee of 8 euros (including tax). The fee will be deducted from your next bill if you make your request online or by phone. These fees must be paid at the time of the request if it is made at a carrier's sales office, at the SNCF Navigo Services Desk or at certain RATP counters.

    GOOD TO KNOW: All journeys made on your Navigo Liberté + contract until the declaration of loss of your pass is registered will be invoiced and must be paid for.

  • You have subscribed to the Navigo Liberté + contract online and you have not received your pass within the 10 days (excluding weekends and public holidays) announced. 

    You can report the non-receipt of your pass by telephone by contacting the Agence Navigo on (toll-free call Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm or Saturday from 9am to 8pm). 

    A new Navigo pass will be sent to you by post within 10 days (excluding weekends and public holidays).

  • No certificate is issued, but you can request a copy of your Navigo Liberté + contract:

    online, from the personal space on de contact,
    at SNCF, RATP or Optile sales offices 
    at certain RATP counters and at the SNCF Navigo Services Counter.
    You can also consult your invoices online, from your personal space on de contact

  • You can go to the "Follow my consumption" page of your personal space to follow your consumption. 
    The monitoring of consumption is given for information purposes only. For any request about your journeys, we invite you to wait until your bill is available.

  • You can subscribe online on:

    • the portal,
    • at an SNCF, RATP or Optile sales office.  

    You must have your e-mail address, your bank details and your personalized Navigo pass if you already have one. 
    If you have purchased a Navigo Liberté + Reduced fare, you must also bring the supporting document corresponding to the reduced fare you want. 
    GOOD TO KNOW: If the contract holder and the payer are different, the presence of the holder and the payer is necessary (failing that, the presentation of their proxy).

  • The Navigo Liberté + contract is only available on personalized Navigo pass.

  • The Navigo Liberté + contract is free. You only pay for your journeys:

    • 1.49€ full fare
    • 0,74€ reduced fare.

    The reduced fare applies to children under 10 years old, large families, veterans (ONAC single blue bar), blind people and beneficiaries of the Solidarité Transport rate.