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Maison de Radio France

Located in the 16th arrondissement, the Maison de Radio France has been driving the history of French television and radio for the past fifty years. It is set apart by its architectural boldness.

How do I get to the radio house?

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116 Avenue du Président Kennedy
75016 Paris

The round house is on the air

The Maison de Radio France was inaugurated on 14 December 1963 by General Charles de Gaulle as the headquarters of the national public radio and television agency, ORTF, the precursor to today's radio and television stations. Today, the building still serves as the headquarters of Radio France and its various stations, with 1,000 offices and 60 recording studios. And it's also here, in this circular building with a 500-metre circumference, designed by architect Henri Bernard, that the orchestras of Radio France practice and perform.

The Maison de Radio France, which can also be recognised by the 68-metre high tower above, has been the focus of extensive renovations since 2005, including the addition of a 1,400 seat auditorium and concert hall. These are all ways for the general public to enter into this "House of Radio", as well as attending tapings of television and radio shows.