Traveling in good standing

How to travel with a valid ticket.

From the time you enter the station until you leave, keep your validated ticket with you in good condition for several reasons:

  • Your ticket is valid on the rail networḱ including the metro for 2 hours (except for the Ticket t+ which is valid for 1h30) after it has been validated.
  • In major Parisian stations as well as stations outside Paris, it is necessary to validate your ticket upon exiting the station, otherwise the gates will not open.
  • The control agents can check the validitý of your ticket at any time in the stations as well as in the trains. During a check, present your valid ticket or your full card, as well as the receipts that allow you to benefit from a reduction if applicable.

If you are inspected without a ticket, you will be fined €50, plus a €50 handling fee if you do not pay immediately (in the case of an invalid ticket: €35 fine).  If you do not validate your Navigo card, you will be fined €5 for immediate payment, plus €50 in administrative costs in the event of a fine.

To pay a fine or contest it, go to a ticket office in the station or send your payment to the following address

TSA 10032

If the payment is not made within 3 months, you may be subject to legal proceedings.