FAQ - The online sales service for Navigo passes

Find answers to your most frequently asked questions about the Navigo passes online purchasing service here.

What passes can I buy on the site?

The passes available on the online sales site are the Navigo Month passes (available from the 20th of the month for the following month's pass) and Navigo Semaine (available from Friday for the following week).

Is my Navigo travelcard eligible?

Eligible Navigo travelcards are Navigo Personalized cards that have not expired, are not opposed (lost or stolen), and whose content allows for the desired pass to be purchased.

For example, if your Navigo travelcard already contains a Navigo Month of November pass, you will not be able to purchase this pass online for this pass.

Navigo Découverte travelcards are eligible for online purchase, but, being anonymous, they cannot benefit from eligibility checks (expired, opposed, already contains the same pass, etc.).

What Navigo travelcard do I have?

Here are two ways to know if you have a classic Navigo travelcard or a Navigo Découverte travelcard:

    The classic Navigo card is stamped "Navigo" only, while the Navigo Découverte card is stamped "Navigo Découverte".
    The Navigo Découverte card is accompanied by a card bearing your name and first name, in manuscript, and your photo. The slot on the card allows you to verify that the two numbers match.

How can I pay for my pass online?

On the online sales site, it is possible to pay only by credit card (Carte Bleue, Visa or MasterCard).

For Navigo Mois passes, you can choose between classic payment (immediate debit payment) and deferred payment (deferred debit payment). The deferral will be 6 calendar days, and will be limited to the day before the start of validity of the monthly pass purchased online. For example :

    with a deferred payment online purchase of the November pass made on October 20, you will be charged on October 26 (6 days after ordering);
    with a deferred payment online purchase of the November pass made on October 27, you will be debited on October 31 (the day before the November pass begins validity).

Where can I find my employer proof for my pass purchased online?

At the end of your order, you will receive your employer proof by email. You can also find it in your order history if you purchased while logged into your customer account.

How to receive a reminder for the purchase of the Navigo pass for the following month?

If you wish to be informed of the availability of the Navigo Month pass for the following month, all you have to do is check the box "Activate a reminder next month with your prepared order!" At the step of entering your personal information when ordering. You will receive an email the following month offering you to renew your order for the coming month, with a pre-filled basket.

We promise, by checking this box, you will not get any ads! Only the reminder email to order faster.

What number should I enter to buy online?

The Navigo password number to be entered when ordering is the one made up of 10 digits, located next to the electronic chip. You don't have to enter the letter.
For Navigo Découverte travelcards, the number does not appear on the card but only on the physical pass.

What should I do if I have entered the wrong Navigo card number?

If you enter the wrong Navigo card number when ordering, you will not be able to load the pass onto your card. You can ask Transilien customer service to modify your order: to do so, use the contact form and indicate in your message the correct number of your card.

What if I have entered the wrong zones for my pass?

  • If you have purchased a Navigo Month or Week 2-3, 3-4 or 4-5 pass instead of an All Zones, you can purchase an additional zone at an ATM or at an ATM. To do this, the pass purchased online must be loaded in advance on your Navigo card.
  • If you have purchased a Navigo Month or Week All Zones pass instead of another zoning (2-3, 3-4 or 4-5), no changes can be made.

Once my pass has been paid, am I done?

No, once the pass has been paid for, you must activate it on your Navigo card.

Do I need a USB drive to activate the pass on my Navigo card?

No, the Transilien online sales service for Navigo passes does not require a card reader to be connected via USB to your computer.

How do I activate my Navigo pass purchased online?

To activate your Navigo pass (or passes) purchased online, go to an SNCF Transilien machine and follow the following steps:

  • present your Navigo card to the machine
  • the update starts automatically
  • wait while loading / activating the pass
  • when the load report is displayed, withdraw your card
  • and voila, it's over! You can travel!

You can also go to an SNCF Transilien counter to activate your package.

Please note: this is not possible on RATP machines and counters.

Transilien machines and counters

Transilien machines and counters are present in the stations:

  • the RER A (only on branches A3 and A5 of the line, i.e. the Poissy and Cergy le Haut branches, as well as at La Défense, Gare de Lyon and Val de Fontenay),
  • from RER B (only on branches B3 and B5 of the line, i.e. the northern part from Gare du Nord, as well as at Saint-Michel-Notre-Dame, Massy-Verrières and Massy-Palaiseau),
  • of RER C, D and E,
  • Transilien lines (H, J, K, L, N, P, R, U and TRAM T4).

Anticipate and simply check that your station has an SNCF Transilien machine.

I did not find my answer

In case of difficulty, please contact Transilien customer service using the contact form.
Choose the option "Purchase on boutique.transilien.com" and specify the reason for your request. The more complete your request, the faster customer service can provide you with an answer.