Hapi General Terms and Conditions of Use

The purpose of these general terms and conditions (hereinafter the “T&Cs”) is to define the terms and conditions of access and use of the HAPI application (hereinafter the “Application”), made available by SNCF Transilien.   
A User of the Application (hereinafter the “User”) means any person using the Application. 
The User’s occasional or regular use of the Application shall constitute full and unreserved acceptance of the T&Cs.
SNCF Transilien reserves the right to amend or update the T&Cs at any time without the User’s prior consent.  The User is consequently recommended to regularly refer to the most recent version of the General Terms and Conditions of Use available at all times on the Application. 


The purpose of the Application is to promote the heritage of the Île-de-France region to Users. It aims to provide historical anecdotes on heritage sites which are dotted along the routes of travellers in the Île-de-France region. The User may access these anecdotes via geolocation, a search engine, or theme (e.g., castles and palaces, parks, museums, etc.).

Access to the Application and Availability

SNCF Transilien uses its best efforts to make the Application available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, except in the event of force majeure or maintenance. SNCF Transilien is only bound by an obligation to use its best efforts relating to the accessibility of the Application. SNCF Transilien shall not in any way be held liable for any downtime or consequences thereof which may arise for the User or any third party. SNCF Transilien reserves the right to suspend, interrupt or limit, without prior notice, access to all or part of the Application, inter alia for maintenance operations or updates required for the proper functioning of the Application or for any other reason, including notably technical reasons. 
The User is informed that they shall exclusively bear the connection costs to the mobile internet network to use the functions of the Application.
The User is informed that SNCF Transilien may terminate or amend the features of the Application at any time, without notice, without the User having any recourse against SNCF Transilien.

Technical Requirements

The User acknowledges that for optimal use of the Application (calculating their route, geolocating them, accessing the websites for the featured sites), they must have an Internet connection and one of the following mobile devices: 

  • iPhone 6S and IOS 12 and above;
  • Smartphone with Android version 8 and above;

The User is informed that they shall exclusively bear the Internet connection costs. 
SNCF Transilien does not warrant that its Application servers are free from virus and other types of malware. The User is responsible for taking all appropriate measures to protect their own data and/or software from contamination by any virus circulating online. The User accepts that SNCF Transilien may not be held liable in any way for unforeseen, pecuniary and/or non-pecuniary, direct or indirect damage occurring as a result of downloading, accessing or using the Application, including inaccessibility, data loss, damage, destruction or virus that may affect the User’s computer device and/or the presence of virus on their Application.

Use of the Application

Use of the Application is strictly reserved for personal purposes. 
The User shall refrain inter alia from:

  • using the Application for commercial purposes and, in general, proposing products and services for which they are directly or indirectly paid;
  • “reselling” the content of the Application or making the content of the Application available to a third party and/or other Users, with or without charge;
  • using the Application with a view to distributing advertising or unsolicited promotional materials in any form whatsoever;
  • directing Internet users, directly or indirectly, inter alia via hypertext links, to websites that may not comply with applicable law or these T&Cs.

Intellectual Property

SNCF is the holder of the intellectual property rights required to operate the structure and content of the Application.
SNCF Transilien grants a non-exclusive, worldwide and free user licence to the User for their strictly private needs.  This licence shall enable the User to:

  • Display historical anecdotes (text, images, etc.) available on the Application; 
  • Download content authorised for downloading by SNCF Transilien.

SNCF Transilien reserves the right to amend the content available on the Application and delete the downloading function for all or part of the content. The User may not hold SNCF Transilien liable for such amendments. 
For any other use (including any reproduction or representation) which is not authorised by the licence described above, the User must obtain SNCF Transilien’s prior express permission in writing by any means. If SNCF Transilien does not respond within two (2) months after their request, permission shall be deemed to have been denied.
The User is informed that non-compliance with this clause may inter alia constitute an act of infringement and/or unfair competition and free-riding for which the User may be held liable under civil or criminal law.

Personal Data

The Application uses a tool called “Google Analytics” to collect data on use of the mobile application and help us to improve it.  Google Analytics does not collect the name, location or other personal data. Location data is collected during the session to help you access the service.  This data is only used during your session and is not stored or retained by SNCF Transilien.
Apart from these elements, no personal data is collected or retained by the Application and SNCF Transilien. 

To receive information on how SNCF Transilien processes your personal data, you can contact donnees-personnelles-transilien@sncf.fr
You can also contact the Data Protection Officer at the following address:  DPO SNCF Voyageurs - Direction Performance – Direction juridique et Conformité - Campus Wilson – 9 rue Jean Philippe Rameau CS20012 – 93212 Saint-Denis or at this address: dpo-sncf-voyageurs@sncf.fr
You also have the right to file a complaint with the French Data Protection Authority  (www.cnil.fr).

Miscellaneous Provisions

In the event that any provision of the T&Cs or any part thereof is invalid, in accordance with a legal or regulatory provision or a final court decision, the validity of the remaining provisions or part or the provision not held invalid shall not in any way be affected thereby.

Governing Law

The T&Cs are governed by French law with regard to substantive rules and procedural rules.