Transilien After-Sales-Service

Has your ticket stopped working? Did you lose it? Was it stolen? Would you like to get a refund? Here's all the information you'll need.

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Your ticket doesn't work

If your ticket doesn't work, whether you have a Navigo Découverte card, an individual ticket, or a pack of tickets, here's what you need to do.

Go to an Optile, RATP, or SNCF Sales Office, or to one of the RATP "comptoir-club" offices, to check your Navigo Découverte card.

  • If it is readable, a temporary ticket will be given to you, loaded with the pass that had been on your card. When it expires, you'll need to go to an office to buy a new card, for €5.
  • If it's unreadable, you'll have to buy a new card, which costs €5, and reload it with the pass you'd like.

If the issue comes from a technical problem, you can submit a reimbursement request at Customer Service, if you show your receipt. Sales offices do not provide after-sales service for this card.

Find the SNCF Transilien agency closest to you

If your ticket isn't working, go to an Optile, RATP or SNCF sales office, or to select RATP "comptoir-club" offices. It will be replaced for free if necessary. To make sure your tickets do not get demagnetised, we recommend that you keep them away from magnets (handbag closures, eyeglass cases, magnetic buttons, diaries, keys, etc.).

If your ticket is lost or stolen

Origin/Destination tickets, Mobilis, Paris Visit, Ticket Jeunes youth tickets and t+ tickets (single and in packs) cannot be reimbursed or exchanged if lost or stolen. 

Likewise, if your Navigo Découverte card is lost, stolen, or damaged, it cannot be exchanged or returned, and you'll lose the pass that was loaded on it.

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