Passenger Handbook

The right behaviour ensures safety and peace of mind. Learn about good habits to have in the station and in trains.

The right habits to have in the station & on the platform

For your safety, follow this advice for good habits to have when you are in the station and on the platforms:

  • Use footbridges and underground passages. It is strictly forbidden to cross the tracks.
  • Don't run. Get there a little early instead - it's too easy to fall if you're in a hurry!
  • Do not smoke on the platform or in the station, out of respect for the law and for others. If you break the law, you may face a fine of €68.

Be polite and respectful of others

Looking to make your trip easier? For travel to go smoothly, it’s best to follow a few simple rules.

  • Let passengers off the train before you get on. You'll save time.
  • Give up your seat for seniors, pregnant women and people with disabilities.
  • Do not block the doors as they close. You'll delay your train as well as the next trains.
  • Only use the alarm signal when necessary.

The purpose of the alarm signal is to inform the conductor of an incident (an ill passenger, for example) that may require an unscheduled stop. Abuse of the alarm signal causes problems for passengers on your train as well as those on the next train. It can also lead to a €131 fine.

Watch out for your safety

Have the right instincts:

  • Don't tempt pickpockets. Keep track of your personal items (such as telephones and MP3 players).
  • Inform SNCF personnel of unattended luggage or objects.
  • Do not leave your luggage unattended.

Please note that if in the scope of the VIGIPIRATE plan the police are required to intervene, you will be held liable.