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Buy, store and validate your Île-de-France tickets from your smartphone from the SNCF app!

How do I get around easily with my smartphone?

Thanks to the SNCF App, you can now:

  • Buy Île-de-France transport tickets wherever you want, whenever you want
  • Store these titles securely on your smartphone or SIM card,
  • Travel by simply validating with your smartphone on the validators, even without an internet connection
  • Be controlled, by affixing the smartphone to the control device (no need for an internet connection either)

What tickets are available on smartphones?

  • The t + Ticket per unit at the normal rate, or in a pack, at the normal or reduced rate
  • Orlybus and Roissybus tickets
  • Navigo Day, Navigo Week, Navigo Month, Navigo Youth Weekend passes.

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More info

Please note, the service does not allow several people to travel simultaneously. 1 phone = 1 traveler

  • All tickets must be systematically validated when accessing the networks, including exit, in the bus, tram and Tzen and during connections: otherwise you will be considered without a ticket during an inspection.
  • To validate, you must have a valid title and have activated NFC in your phone's settings. The SNCF Assistant does not have to be open or have an internet connection. To validate your ticket, you must present the back of your phone on the target of the validator.
  • If you have several tickets (Navigo Day pass and t + ticket for example) loaded on your phone, the pass will be validated as a priority if it is in period or valid zone.
  • It is possible to load up to 29 T + Tickets on the phone (Full price or Reduced price) but the same phone cannot simultaneously contain T + Full Price and Reduced Price tickets.
  • Data is protected: tickets are stored in a safe which is the SIM card or the secure element of the smartphone.

Compatible smartphones

  • Android smartphones operated by Orange or Sosh.
    The following Samsung:
Compatible smartphones
Commercial name Model Brand
A5 2017 SM-A520F Samsung
A8 DS SM-A530F Samsung
S7 SM-G930F Samsung
S7 edge SM-G935F Samsung
S8 SM-G950F Samsung
S8+ SM-G955F Samsung
S8+ DS SM-G955FD Samsung
S9 DS SM-G960F Samsung
S9+ DS SM-G965F Samsung
Note 8 SM-N950F Samsung
Note 8 DS SM-N950FD Samsung
Note 9 SM-N960F Samsung
S10 SM-G970F Samsung
S10 SM-G973F Samsung
S10+ SM-G975F Samsung

An application update may be required.

This service is not compatible with iPhones.

To install the purchasing service in the SNCF App:

You need a connection to the mobile network (3G / 4G) and internet access (3G / 4G or WIFI) throughout the process.
Install the SNCF App on the Play store of your phone, and activate the NFC then follow the steps in the tutorial below to buy tickets.