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Travel on the Île-de-France network

All the maps to make your travel in Paris and the region easy. If you'll be leaving from Paris-Orly or Paris-Charles De Gaulle Roissy Airport, we suggest that you visit the page of each airport to find the terminal maps, so as to be best prepared.

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Network map

This plan shows the entire public transport network (trains, RER, metro, buses, and trams) in Paris and the region.

Download the network map (original document version in french) (PDF - 992 ko)

Map of accessible stations

To facilitate your travel on the SNCF Transilien network, you can find accessible stations using this map.

Download the network map of accessible stations (original document version in french) (PDF - 2131 ko)

Travelling with the Navigo Découverte pass

Do you have a Navigo Découverte pass? Find the maps that will make it easier to choose which fare zones you need for your pass, and visit an SNCF Transilien agency.

Fare zones in the Paris region

Paris and the surrounding region are divided into 5 fare zone. On this map, you can see the zones you need to choose for your pass. Make sure to take into account:

  • the zone you'll be leaving from,
  • the zones you'll be going through,
  • the zone you'll be arriving in.
  • For example, if you're going from Aulnay-Sous-Bois (zone 4) to Evry (zone 5), this means you'll be passing through Paris. So you'll need to buy a ticket that covers zones 1-5.
The map of system fare zones (PDF - 1797 ko)

SNCF Transilien agencies

On this map, you can find the 27 SNCF Transilien agencies in Paris and the region. Use it to find the SNCF Transilien agency that's closest to you. SNCF Transilien agencies provide you with personalised advice about the Navigo pass: advice on which one to choose, how to obtain it, and service after you've purchased it. RATP and Optile sales agencies also propose these services.

Download the network map of SNCF Transilien agencies (original document version in french) (PDF - 1184 ko)

Take the Noctilien night bus

Want to travel using the Noctilien night bus network? View the system maps to make your trips easier.

Learn more abut the Noctilien night bus service

Noctilien night bus system map

Find every Noctilien night bus line on this map.

Download the Noctilien night bus map (PDF - 570 ko)

Detailed map of Noctilien night bus lines

This map shows the Noctilien night bus lines, organised around the five main connecting stations in Paris:

  • Gare de Châtelet,
  • Gare de l’Est,
  • Gare de Lyon,
  • Gare Montparnasse,
  • Gare Saint-Lazare.
Download the detailed map of Noctilien night bus lines (original document version in french) (PDF - 431 ko)