Lost Property service

To find a lost object or deposit an object found in a train or a station, SNCF's «Lost property» service is there to help you.

Lost Property All is not lost !

Thanks to the “Lost Property” service, all is not lost! To find something you've lost, or to bring in something you've found in a train or a station, just visit the page of the “Lost Property” service and click on what you need. You can also contact us by calling +33 3 892 35 35 35* and entering #22 or saying "objets trouvés". Our phone representatives can answer all of your questions and take down your loss report from Monday to Saturday, from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. *(€0.34/minute in addition to any charges from your phone provider). Items will be returned to their owners upon presentation of an identity document and payment of a fee of €5 or €10, depending on the value of the item, to cover handling expenses.

Go to the page for the "Lost Property" service