Handicap accessibility

From Accès Plus Transilien service and Specialised Road Transport service to dedicated equipment, find out about all of our services to help make trains accessible to people with limited mobility.

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Accès plus Transilien SNCF

Accès Plus Transilien service

This free service helps people with disabilities and wheelchair users in the station.

We offer Accès Plus Transilien in 70 train stations. This is a dedicated support service from the station to the train, and from the train to the station entrance. Wheelchair users can use a mobile ramp that our employees will set up for getting on and off the train. Accès Plus Transilien is available for occasional trips and regular travel, from the first train to the last train, between any two stations offering the service. For RER lines A and B, this service is coordinated with the service offered by RATP, to ensure an end-to-end trip between a Transilien station and an RATP station.

Accès Plus Transilien is available for:

  • Wheelchair users

You should reserve the night before your trip, before 8:00 PM at the latest, by contacting the Accès Plus Transilien call centre, by phone or by email.
By email:
By telephone:
+33(0)970 82 41 42 (lines open every day from 7:00 AM until 8:00 PM)

By making a reservation, you are guaranteed that an employee will be there when getting on and off your train, and that a mobile access ramp will be provided to access the train if necessary.
If you should encounter a problem, the Call Centre can be reached 24/7 by calling +33 (0)970 82 41 42. If a passenger is having trouble, we'll help arrange another transport service. For example, we might offer access to Specialised Road Transport Service to take passengers to the nearest accessible station.

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Station facilities

Here are the dedicated services and facilities that we provide in our stations and our trains. These facilities are there to help you travel on our network as comfortably and safely as possible.
SNCF Transilien customer service personnel are available in each station to give you information and help you. They're there to help!

Facilitating accessibility for everyone in stations and trains

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Reserved parking spaces

261 stations are equipped
Accessibility in train stations also means special parking that is adapted for people with limited mobility. We have reserved parking directly adjoining buildings. To access these reserved spaces, you should have a disabled parking permit.

Gare SNCF de Paris Nord verrière

Automatic doors

In 93 stations
To make it easier to enter stations, automatic doors have been installed, because opening a manual door can be a challenge when your mobility is limited.

Une femme passe les portillons de contrôle élargis en fauteuil roulant

Larger ticket barriers

In 108 stations
To help you get through automatic ticket barriers, we have installed larger barriers. They are 80 cm wide and 1.3 m long. When you use these wider barriers, make sure that the first door has closed behind you before you validate your ticket. The second door will then open automatically.

Service assistance voyageur handicapé


In 313 stations
In stations where the new wider passages have not yet been installed, gates are available. These are 1 metre wide, and can be used upon request.

Femme PMR en fauteuil roulant sort de l'ascenseur en gare de Bercy

Accessible platforms

In 97 stations
In 97 stations, of which 79 are equipped with elevators, we have made all platforms accessible to people with limited mobility. You can now easily move around all of these train stations in total autonomy, without any steps on your way.

Voyageurs sur le quai d'une gare Transilien

Train accessibility

Accès Plus Transilien in 70 stations
Even in stations with Accès Plus Transilien, getting aboard the train is not always easy. In order to deal with this problem, we have implemented adapted solutions:
- In some stations, the vertical gap between the platform and the train has been reduced to less than 10 cm.
- In 70 stations where there is a vertical gap between the platform and the train of less than 28 cm, a service is available upon reservation for getting on and off the train. This service is called Accès Plus Transilien.

Making station information accessible to everyone

Guichet SNCF Transilien accessible

Titre General access ticket windows

In 123 stations
We've designed these windows to be accessible to all passengers. They are particularly suited for wheelchair users thanks to their low height (95 cm from the ground) and shelves (79 cm from the ground).

Ecrans info-gare


In 313 stations
This system provides visual information about Transilien train traffic in real time, along with related information. Thanks to this system, people who cannot hear or understand audible announcements can have access to information about traffic. You can check them at any time.

Gare SNCF Transilien d'Aulnay-sous-Bois

Screens displaying waiting times

In 3 stations
In other stations, this alternative to the Infogare system displays the current waiting time for the next trains.
Tip : Every stop on the T4 Bondy - Aulnay tram-train is equipped with screens displaying the waiting time for the next tram-train.

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Accessible Transilien Quick Ticketing Machines

In 316 stations
Work has been in progress since 2012 to make the Transilien Quick Ticketing Machines accessible. This affects all of the Transilien Quick Ticketing Machines already lowered for wheelchair users or persons of short stature. Studies are under way to make them accessible for those with sensory and mental disabilities. We are working, for example, on adaptations such as a more prominent coin slot, a receptacle with Braille and adapted lighting, speech synthesizers, and raised black screen contours.

Special equipment for visually and hearing impaired persons

In 112 stations To ensure the safety of visually impaired passengers, tactile warning strips are placed along the platform edge on the side where trains pass. They give a tactile warning that the edge of the platform is near. A program is also under way to also place them at the top of stairs and when approaching ramps.

Bande éveil sur le quai

Tactile warning strips

In 112 stations
To ensure the safety of visually impaired passengers, tactile warning strips are placed along the platform edge on the side where trains pass. They give a tactile warning that the edge of the platform is near. A program is also under way to also place them at the top of stairs and when approaching ramps.

Guichet SNCF Transilien accessible

Ticket windows equipped with induction loops

In 294 stations
In these stations, in order to facilitate conversations between station personnel and persons who are hearing impaired, we have installed induction loops. They can be located thanks to the special symbol shown here. They directly transmit speech to hearing aids, which allows the information our employees convey to be more easily understood.

Voyageurs sur le quai d'une gare Transilien

Audio beacons

In 44 stations
After being activated with a remote control, they broadcast audio location and orientation messages to help visually impaired people as they move around the station.

Femme sénior à un guichet de vente Transilien

Accessible services in your station

To help you prepare for your trip and ensure a smooth journey, you can check here to see which stations offer Accès Plus Transilien service to people with limited mobility. By clicking bellow on the line you want to take, you can access the list of facilities and services for people with limited mobility that you will find in your departure or arrival station. If the station you have requested  is not accessible, we invite you to go to the nearest accessible station. The content displayed below is the original document version.

Stations Lines
List of de 100 stations accessible to the 4 handicaps on January 1, 2019
Achères ville A/L
Aéroport CDG 2 TGV terminal 2  B
Aéroport CDG 1 terminal 3 B
Asnières-sur-Seine J/L
Aulnay-sous-Bois B
Bécon les Bruyères L
Bibliothèque François Mitterrand C
Bois-Colombes J
Bondy E
Bouffémont-Moisselles H
Cergy le Haut A/L
Cergy Préfecture A/L
Cergy St-Christophe A/L
Chaville Rive Droite L/U
Chaville Rive Gauche N
Chelles Gournay E/P
Clichy Levallois L
Colombes J
Combs-la-Ville Quincy D
Conflans Fin d'Oise A/J/L
Conflans-Ste-Honorine J
Corbeil-Essonnes D
Coulommiers P
Créteil Pompadour D
Domont H
Drancy B
Emerainville Pontault-Combault E
Enghien-les-Bains H
Ermont Eaubonne J
Esbly P
Evry Courcouronnes D
Gagny E
Garches Marnes-la-Coquette L
Grigny Centre D
Groslay H
Haussmann St-Lazare E
Houilles / Carrières-sur-Seine A/L
La Barre Ormesson H
La Courneuve Aubervilliers B
La Défense A/L/U
La Garenne-Colombes L
La Plaine Stade de France B
Lagny Thorigny P
Le Blanc-Mesnil B
Le Bourget B
Le Chénay Gagny E
Le Val d'Or L
Les Boullereaux Champigny E
Les Vallées L
Luzarches H
Magenta E
Maisons-Laffitte A/L
Mantes-la-Jolie J
Mareil-Marly L
Mitry-Claye B
Montfort-l'Amaury Méré N
Montreuil L
Montsoult Maffliers H
Nanterre Université A/L
Neuville Université A/L
Nogent Le Perreux E
Noisy-le-Sec E
Noisy-le-Roi L
Ozoir-la-Ferrière E
Parc des Expositions B
Paris Est P
Paris Gare de Lyon souterrain D/R
Paris Montparnasse N
Paris Nord  B/D/H/K
Paris St-Lazare J/L
Poissy A/J
Pont du Garigliano - Hôpital Européen  C
Rambouillet N
Roissy-en-Brie E
Rosa Parks E
Rosny-sous-Bois E
Sannois J
Saint-Cloud L/U
Saint-Germain-en-Laye Bel Air Fourqueux L
Saint-Germain-en-Laye Grande Ceinture L
Saint-Leu la Forêt  H
Saint-Nom-la-Bretèche Foret de Marly L
Saint Ouen  C
Saint-Ouen-l'Aumône Liesse C/H
Sarcelles St-Brice H
Sartrouville A/L
Sevran Beaudottes B
Sevran Livry B
Stade de France St-Denis D
Suresnes Mont-Valérien L/U
Tournan E/P
Val d'Argenteuil J
Vaucresson L
Versailles Château Rive gauche C
Versailles rive droite L
Vert Galant B
Villeparisis-Mitry-le-Neuf B
Villepinte B
Villiers-sur-Marne Le Plessis-Trévise E
Yerres D

Accessibility of all night buses on line N143

On Noctilien N143 line, all night buses are accessible for people with disabilites and wheelchair users.  
Our employees are trained to welcome people with disabilities and handling of suitable equipment.
All night buses are equipped with a lifting platform accessible to wheelchair users and an on-board information system displaying internal and external audio announcements and screen visual information to announce stop. In night buses on Noctilien N143 line, the lenght of the wheelchairs needs to be less than or equal to 1.30 metre  and the width should be less than or equal to 0.80 metre.

Bus Noctilien