Economical, ecological, and sporty!

Would you like to explore the region by bicycle? Read our advice for how you can easily bring your bicycles on the Transilien network.


Transilien and on-board bicycles: practical rules

Below, you can find the practical information and rules to facilitate your bicycle + Transilien trips:

• no additional fare when travelling,
• before 6:30 AM, between 9:30 AM and 4:30 PM, and after 7:30 PM, from Monday to Friday,
• no restrictions on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays,
• if your bicycle is folded and does not disturb other passengers,
• if trains are crowded, do not board with your bicycle.
When on board Transilien, you are responsible for transporting, handling, and watching over your bicycle. As a reminder, in the train, on platforms, and in stations, you must walk your bicycle. For safety reasons, don't take escalators. Even more practical: you can bring your bike onto Transilien buses (including Noctilien night buses) with luggage holds.